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A guide to mouthwatering smashed avo hotspots in Adelaide

We have scoped Adelaide to find the best of the best, so here are a few of our favourite spots to grab the iconic dish that is smashed avo on toast.


Smashed avo on toast is a dish that has won the hearts of many. Some may describe it as a timeless classic, while others may accuse it of destroying any hope millennials had of purchasing their first home. Whether you love it or hate it, the café staple is here to stay.

There is a sense of reassurance in spotting smashed avo when reading over an unfamiliar café menu. The reliable dish is like a close friend, always there for you when you need it most.

The smooth consistency of the luscious green fruit paired with freshly baked artisanal bread is already a winning combination, but it is how the pairing is further elevated by other ingredients that make the dish so special.  

We have scoped Adelaide to find the best of the best, and in no particular order, here are a few of our favourite spots to grab the iconic dish that is smashed avo on toast.

Spill The Beans

Located in the leafy suburb of Linden Park, Spill the Beans have made a reputation for themselves as being one of the best cafés in Adelaide. Their rustic approach to cooking and generous portion sizes leave all customers satisfied.

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Good ol smashed avo and eggs on rye 😩❤️

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Their avocado toast is reasonably priced and has all the great pairings you could ask for. With locally made dukkah, freshly squeezed lemon juice, optional free-range poached eggs and candied balsamic, it is absolutely scrumptious.

Phone | (08) 8338 3899
89 Devereux Rd, Linden Park

Rosey’s Café Unley

Known for their unique method of making drinks with the use of an aerial pulley system, the all-day breakfast café has an equally as impressive smashed avocado offering.

A generous serving of avocado on Mylor rye is paired with a crunchy sambal and a crumble of creamy Paris Creek fetta. The dish is called the ‘ASF’ (avocado with sambal and fetta) and has us texting our friends, ‘G2G OMW 2 RC 4 ASF!’

Phone | (08) 7225 0609
139 Unley Rd, Unley

The Banksia Tree Café Port Adelaide

True supporters of South Australian farmers and producers, The Banksia Tree Café believes in sourcing local and seasonal produce to create an exciting menu that evolves throughout the year. This means fresher produce for the café and keeping profits within our state.

The sustainable café puts a fresh spin on a classic, serving smashed Hass avocado with Kris Lloyd fetta (from the Adelaide Hills), dukkah, vibrant pomegranate, herbs and balsamic on sourdough. This is sure to impress all the smashed avo non-believers.

Phone | (08) 7006 2624
147 St Vincent St, Port Adelaide

The Loose Caboose

Ever wanted to enjoy smashed avocado in one of Adelaide’s oldest railway stations? Well, here is your chance to do exactly that. The Loose Caboose has a tantalising menu that will inspire many brunch fanatics.

Their lavish smashed avocado is served with sweetcorn hummus, chorizo jam, chermoula, dukkah and a poached egg. This heavenly dish sounds like yum served with a whole lot of YUM, right?!

Phone | (08) 8340 0809
21 First St, Hindmarsh

Corner Store Café Dulwich

Not for the faint-hearted, the Corner Store Café smashed avocado packs a punch with an extensive list of ingredients added atop of the already delicious menu item.

Oh my GUAC! Feast your eyes and mouths upon the smashed avo on sourdough toast served with Spanish onions, fresh lemon juice, crumbled Danish fetta, beetroot hummus, crispy fried kale and a poached egg. At under $20, this café has our vote as one of the best smashed avocado spots in the state.

Phone | (08) 8333 1237
23 Swift Ave, Dulwich

The Messy Tomato

For those of you in the city with a mid-morning craving for smashed avo, The Messy Tomato is the place for you. Served on two generous slices of pumpkin rye, this smashed avo is accompanied by a delectable basil pesto and juicy roasted cherry tomatoes.

Phone | 0403 643 452
151 Flinders Street, Adelaide

Stella Restaurant

This Henley institution has our vote as one of the best places to devour a heavenly serving of smashed avo. You can’t go wrong with fresh avocado served on a crunchy open baguette with feta, roasted cherry tomatoes, watercress, poached eggs and a tantalising drizzle of balsamic glaze. Absolute perfection.

Phone | 8356 4315
2/257 Seaview Road, Henley Square

Argo on The Parade

We couldn’t compile a list of Adelaide’s best smashed avo hotspots without mentioning the infamous Argo on The Parade. Step up your smashed avo game with their impressive mix of smashed avocado served on yeast-free sourdough, topped with a healthy portion of Danish feta, caramelised beetroot, beetroot relish, rocket salad and toasted pepitas. If that wasn’t enough for you, you can choose to add poached eggs, halloumi, bacon or Harris smoked salmon. We’ll see you there!

Phone | 8431 1387
212 The Parade Norwood, Adelaide


Enjoy this Mexican inspired smashed avo lakeside at Oar. The award winning breakfast restaurant pairs smashed avocado with a fried white corn tortilla, black beans, feta, cucumber, tomato salsa and a jalapeño lime dressing. A must-try for the smashed avo lovers of Adelaide.

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We have pushed so hard to get to this point… But there is no time like now, to stop, evaluate and take a break.. Rik and I have been working around the clock trying to keep our business alive, however this situation is both physically and mentally draining for everyone…. We want to make a decision that is best for our staff, they are our family away from home. Our first priority is to keep them healthy, in a good mental head space, keep them in work and keep our family together… We are taking the governments advice and know that lifestyles must change now, if things are to get back to normal as soon as possible. As of 12 yesterday we will be closing our 3 cafes. We want our staff to go home, spend time with their family and get some rest. We are fortunate to be working with such amazing and talented staff. We plan to work together over the next few months and will come back stronger than ever with some new and exciting things to offer you… Who knows what we can achieve if we all take a little time to relax, support each other and spend this time getting back to basics. Our doors may be closed, but the heart and mind of our business have been opened. The support we have had over the last few weeks is more surreal than this unprecedented event. Everyone has supported us, loved us and kept us on our toes… We are so gratefull .. And it’s because of you we will be back before you know it, making your coffee, cooking your llunchyunch and filling your glasses. Cheers to the future Keep safe, get some rest… XXX This is not the end of our story, keep following us on social media…

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Phone | 0403 573 273
100 Military Rd, West Lakes Shore

We highlighted the above locations because of their creative take on smashed avo, but you will find a smashed avo dish on any self-respecting Adelaide cafe menu.

With so many places to try, why not start a pilgrimage through Adelaide’s cafes in search of your own favourite smashed avo dish?

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