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A guide to very good Adelaide hangover cures

What to eat when you have a hangover

It’s December 2nd, which means The Season is well and truly upon us. As after work drinks now start on a Tuesday and continue all week, it’s likely you’re shifting dustily into the office, Panadol in hand, more days than you’re not.

And we get it — all too often we’ve had to sneak in a morning Maccas run for a hash brown (hold the sauce) and an iced latte. Because it’s hard to say no to December’s free bar tabs, corporate hampers, work wines and long lunches.

So, if you’re finding yourself on 8am struggle street a little too frequently, this list comprises (in no particular order) some very good Adelaide hangover cures. We’ve tried to include something for every type of hangover: from nauseous to famished, budget to posh-o. Consider it the Glam writer’s Christmas public service.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. And some of you will disagree with our picks. But that’s ok! Please email [email protected] with anything you reckon we’ve missed. We can add those to our personal rotations, as well as here.

* Please note that this is the non-vego version of this article. A follow up vegetarian/vegan friendly list is coming soon. Images for inspo.

Probably goes without saying, but drink responsibly this season, stay safe, look after your mates, and don’t be a dick.

Sarawak laksa – Asian Gourmet

Yum yum yum, Sarawak laksa

This excellent regionally-specific laksa (originating in Borneo, Malaysia) has been a Friday special at Asian Gourmet in the Central Markets for years. It’s punchier than the curry laksa served at most Malaysian joints around town, owing to a heavy whack of belacan (hard shrimp paste) in the base soup, and sour tamarind. The tiny green bowl it’s served in looks far too small to satisfy, but always does the trick — the combination of squiggly hokkien noodles, chicken, prawns, tofu puffs and beansprouts creating a meal that’s substantial, but never too much.

Drink option: Fanta or Bundaberg ginger beer.

Find Asian Gourmet at WR6/44-60 Gouger St, Adelaide SA 5000.

Oxtail Pho – Pho Hong Tam

Tasty tasty pho

The formica tables and shady carpark outside might be off-putting to some, but the oxtail/tendon pho at this Rosewater haunt is a dish we’d cross town for. It isn’t perfect — ignore the meat if it’s overcooked and tough — but the broth is so good, it’s borderline restorative; simultaneously clean and intense, and full of the promise of a new day. Fresh beansprouts, rice noodles and a heaving plate of lively herbs round out the experience.

Drink option: Can of coke. The coldest one you can find.

Find Pho Hong Tam at 6/140 Grand Jct Rd, Rosewater SA 5013.

Chicken Rice – Chinatown Cafe

Not as good as Chinatown Cafe’s, but you get the idea

What is it about a picky-bits lunch that’s so good? Whatever it is, we love the chicken rice at Chinatown Cafe. The meal comprises three elements over two plates, and each have their place in your journey to hangover recovery.
1. Chicken. Tenderly poached and juicy, served in a little soy moat. Protein hit.
2. Rice. Perfectly seasoned, every time. The carbs you need.
3. Soup. This one’s the clincher — a salty liquid that’ll guide you back to good health. Choose from laksa or chicken broth.
But the best part? It’s $9. $9! For an entire meal!? Ridiculous value for one of the most consistent meals in town. Chinatown Cafe you’re the real MVP.

Drink option: Water. Tap. Keep it light, yeah?

Find Chinatown Cafe at 38 Moonta Street, Adelaide, central city, 5000.

The Number One – Lucia’s Fine Foods

*insert generic sandwich picture here*

So Adelaide-famous, this sandwich even has its own Billie Justice Thompson-designed tea towel. The number one from Lucia’s is, well, the city’s number one sandwich. Bread, basil, cheese, tomato, prosciutto, bread. And that’s all, cause the simplest things are nearly always the best. Lucia’s has done what many others fail to do, and that’s nailing the perfect order of sandwich layers. The trick? Always, always, put the tomato away from the bread.

Drink option: A long black.

Find Lucia’s at Shop 3, Adelaide Central Market S68, 44-60 Gouger St, Adelaide SA 5000

Pork and cabbage dumplings, fried – Dumpling City

Plump little dumps

These are, without a shadow of doubt, some of the best dumplings in the city. Handmade every day, the restaurant never takes shortcuts — you won’t find any reheated frozen dumplings here. The key to ordering is to know how to have each type of dumpling cooked. A general rule of thumb is go fried for fattier meats, like pork, and steamed for lighter fillings. If you’re hanging, you’ll likely want fried, and the pork and cabbage will sustain you without making you want to vom. Temper the dipping sauce to your own personal tastes using the vinegar, soy and chilli oil on the table.

Drink option: $28 bottle of riesling… Not kidding.

Find Dumpling City at shop 1/22-30 Field St, Adelaide SA 5000.

Hot and spicy soup base & Barbie meat dress – Go In Hotpot

Aftermath of the Barbie meat dress party

Ask for “the Barbie with the meat dress.” And “the bear made of butter” to pimp out your hotpot experience (especially impressive if you’re on a hungover date). Don’t forget a side of scoop-your-own meat/fish balls, noodles, tofu puffs and — take our word for this — lotus root.

Drink option: Green tea.

Find Go-In Hotpot at Shop 4, 31-39 Gouger St Adelaide, SA, Australia 5000

Cheeseburger – Bread and Bone

This is the textbook definition of a cheesebuger

Adelaide’s most-hyped burger is happily one of its best. But Bread and Bone’s cheeseburger is also a lesson in simplicity, and, for just $18 with fries, a relative steal. With burgers, much like sandwiches, architecture is crucial, and the piling of ingredients can make or break the burger-eating experience, especially if you’re hungover. That is to say, you don’t want to overdo it. At Bread and Bone, the patty is juicy, the bun stays in tact and — praise be! — there’s no unnecessary lettuce.

Drink Option: A cocktail. But go easy.

Find Bread and Bone at 5 Peel St, Adelaide SA 5000.

Reuben Sandwich – The Flying Fig Deli

Sneaky little pickle

Not only will the owner’s good mood lift you out of the Sunday scaries, their Reuben (which CityMag reports to weigh 474.4g) cures all ails. It feels dumb saying this thing is huge (474.4g!!), but we feel the need to reiterate, because it comes with fries on the side. Flying Fig’s reuben pretends to be a balanced meal by going hard on the sauerkraut, but don’t kid yourself, this is a cure for the insatiably hungry.

Drink option: One of the house-made shrubs.

Find The Fying Fig Deli at 161 Jeffcott St, North Adelaide SA 5006.

Chicken schnitty and a schooner of Coopers pale – The Exeter Hotel

With salad! For health!

You’re a fool if you haven’t tried a meal at The Ex. An even bigger one if you’ve never stumbled, feeling very sorry for yourself, into Adelaide’s best-known dive bar for a schooner and a schnitty. Go for the classic parmi, which comes heaving under the weight of too much cheese and a thick load of pasta sauce. There’s even a side salad to undo all the sins of last night.

Drink option: Schooner of Coppers pale.

Find The Exeter at 246 Rundle St, Adelaide SA 5000.

Villi’s beef and cheese pie – All good pie retailers

Sauce or no sauce?

This would hardly be an SA hangover cures list without a mention of Villi’s, the quintessential Adelaide pie. Available at all good pie retailers, we always go classic beef. If you’re not too queasy, make it a pie floater, but this isn’t something we recommend if you’ve had your head in the toilet bowl all night.

Drink Option: Orange Powerade.

Find Villis at 2-14 Manchester Street, Mile End South, South Australia, 5031.

The Kelly Noble Spesh: Cold KFC chicken – KFC

several hot fried chiken wings on an isolated white background

Our editor being older and, ahem, wiser than us, has many tried and tested cures for a seedy morning. Her favourite from her uni days sounds horrific, but apparently works a charm.
“If you know you’re having a big night,” Kelly says, “buy some KFC chicken in advance and put it in the fridge.”
“The next day, you’ve got cold salty chicken, which is a perfect hangover cure.”
If you panicked and bought fries too, fear not! Kelly says “heat them up in a hot frying pan. The residual oil from the chips will make them so much crispier than if you try to reheat in the oven or microwave.”

Drink Option: Coconut water.

Find KFC, well, everywhere.

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