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A Lindes Lane’s revival is coming ft. two bars and outdoor dining

Josh Rivers is opening three new venues on Lindes Lane, a laneway off Rundle Mall, which will now be known as “The Lane of Love”.

Feature image of Lindes Lane wine bar (now closed)

Before he was a barista, Josh Rivers was a bartender.

After the success of iconic coffee and brunch destination CREAM (Coffee Rules Everything Around Me) at Brighton, he’s entering the small bar scene. 

And he’s doing it with a bang, planning to open three venues including two bars by the end of the year. 

All will be individual venues on Lindes Lane, a laneway off Rundle Mall, which will now be known as “The Lane of Love”. 

A lot of love – and hard work – is going into the space with Josh supported by his Dad and business partner Damon, and friends to design and fit out the three venues.

The first is a dive-bar on level one called Remy LeBeau’s (after Josh’s favourite Marvel character). 

“It’s an upper end bar with a kitchen that does a handful of really good food items that complement the drinks,” Josh says. 

These include Cajun style food like friend chicken and New Orleans style low country boil, something Josh believes no one else is doing in Adelaide.

“A savvy operator has to have something unique and that’s what we’re going to do,” he says.

“I love seafood and I really want to bring another offering to Adelaide’s seafood scene.”

If you’re heading there on a first date beware; you’ll be eating with your hands, and meals come with a bib.

The second venue is a basement bar called The Cloakroom. 

To get to the Cloakroom, you’ll need to go through the hidden entrance; a Narnia style wardrobe which leads down three short flights of stairs. 

Josh describes it as an homage to the LGBTQI community who have lived in the closet; now everyone is invited in. 

“It’ll be a normal bar with a party vibe, where people can come and there’s no judgement,” Josh says. 

“It’s a different offering for the queer community.”

Remy Lebeau’s is on track to open in November, followed by the basement bar The Cloakroom a month later.

Subject to approval, the third venue will be a shipping container style called Cream Cheese serving bagels.

As for CREAM, Josh says it’ll be the one and only. 

“It’s so unique, I never want to try and replicate that again,” Josh says. 

Find CREAM and all the latest updates from Josh on Facebook here.

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