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Being the daughter of legendary Australian funnyman Kevin Bloody Wilson is sure to rub off on a girl, and proving that the ‘apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’, Jenny Talia is every bit as brazen as her famous dad.

UnknownBeing the daughter of legendary Australian funnyman Kevin Bloody Wilson is sure to rub off on a girl, and proving that the ‘apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’, Jenny Talia is every bit as brazen as her famous dad.

Certainly no shrinking violet, Jenny Talia (Born Tammy Jo) is a bubbly, energetic and cheerful personality with an infectious smile in her voice that instantly comes across as genuinely affable. Starting her career as a country singer doing pubs and clubs around Nashville, Talia found her comedic beginnings when she was pressed to sing ‘Aussie songs’ and therefore pulled out her Kevin Bloody Wilson repertoire with a female twist to them. The rest, as we say, is history and Talia is unsurprisingly gifted as a musician as well as comedienne. Under the watchful eye of dad, she has evolved into her own successful entity and continues her family’s legacy. For those who aren’t aware, Kevin Bloody Wilson’s material is about as politically correct as an honest politician. Liberal uses of certain ‘F’ and ‘C’ words have a starring role in Wilson’s shtick, and Talia is just as risqué with her act although she admittedly shies away from the ’C’ bomb.

Fiercely proud of her dad, Talia reckons “there’s no-one more proud of him than I am, of how hard he’s worked over more than 30 years.” Growing up in the ‘Bloody Wilson’ family, there isn’t much that a girl hasn’t heard in terms of the Aussie vernacular and Talia cites ‘political correctness’ as a joke in itself, an attack on the Australian identity as larrikins that comes from stuffy, over-educated zealots. “When genuine Aussies are expressing themselves, they’re being honest and not trying to offend anybody- we’re just taking the piss…it’s the Australian thing”, she says of our stereotypical reputation as straight talkers. On using racially based comedy material, which both Talia and Wilson have often used, Talia clearly defines the difference between racism which is as hate based, and that humour is purely an observational expression of truth. “ If people come out of my show with a sore stomach from 2 hours of laughter, that can only be a good thing,” she adds.

Comedy is a tough game, and one has to be a step ahead to have longevity and come up with new material regularly. On where her material comes from, Talia says that it comes purely from observations or things that happen in real life. Her latest album F.O.C.U.S (F*#k Off, ‘Cause You’re Stupid) is an all singing, all cursing look at life in general and is guaranteed to make you cross your legs and piss yourself laughing. The title track of the album F.O.C.U.S comes from a saying she has used herself for quite some time when confronted by the proverbial dumbass and “has a real song-along quality to it and is one of those songs to sing when confronted by wankers, to not let them ruin your day”.

For someone who makes people laugh for a living, Talia herself likes a good laugh and mentions physical/slapstick comedy as something she draws enjoyment from. She cites comedians like Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) and Billy Connolly (who is also a fan of Talia) as her favourites as is Wanda Sykes.

You’d think that with such an open mind that Talia’s fearless brand of comedy is up for anything, but there are areas that she says are out of bounds for her.” I think as a parent, stuff about kids would be, as I’d lie to think it is for most people, but I guess there’s an audience for everything. Even my stuff has been criticized so it’s up to the individual”.

Thankfully, most people find her hilariously funny and those who are perpetually offended won’t be found in her audiences. Another win for non-political correctness!

Jenny Talia will appear at *The Clovercrest Hotel, Modbury North on Friday July 4th at 8pm. Tickets: 82645266 or

(450 Montague Rd , Modbury North)

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