A Look Into Westfield Marion's New Food Mall

A Look Into Westfield Marion’s New Food Mall

Following a reported $350 million renovation, the new Westfield Marion Food Mall opened to the public last week. Here’s a quick look in case you haven’t made the trip yet.


Westfield Marion celebrated their opening of its highly anticipated food mall last week, hosting a VIP launch with several food ambassadors to support the new venue. A project that is said to be part of a $350m expansion to the centre, focuses on fresh, quality, South Australian produce and local business alike.

With 14 new and returning specialty retailers, the large turn out of many eager locals awaiting to see what the fuss was all about, was a hopeful sign for business owners.

Azzurro’s live art mural at the Westfield Marion Food Mall


We saw Marion open it’s door to a new Asian grocer Lau Peking, French patisserie La Madeleine, Mediterranean restaurant Panacea and Carousel fruit and veg, as well as the awaited return of favourites like The Cheesemonger, Manuel’s Seafood and Springfield Butcher.

Westfield Food Hall
Carousel fruit and veg – South Australian grown produce

As you continue to stroll down the laneways of the industrial alley, you will expect to see (other than the freshest produce around!) pop-up stalls, including that of ‘According To Bree’ the 2014 My Kitchen Rules champion, selling her hand-crafted ketchups and ‘Gathered SA’ who hosts various creators and makers. This week they welcomed ‘Tranquil Glow’ 100% soy wax candles to the local SA stall curated by the team at Gathered, the same crew responsible for increasingly popular boutique the Queens Theatre markets.

Gathered Market Stall

Tranquil Glow
Tranquil Glow 100% soy wax candles

We also spied a funky favourite ‘Bloombar’, selling fresh, beautiful flowers including Tulips, Orchids, black Roses and mini Gerberas. Speaking with Zoe from the Adelaide florist on the night, she told us how glad she was to be apart of the new food mall and how exciting the process has been working amongst the other local businesses in the centre.

The stunning Bloombar

An additional big name inclusion is also a new Aldi location, sure to attract those seeking to take a washing machine up to the counter alongside their fresh food purchases. As far as suburban megaplex malls go, this is a personable new addition which helps highlight the community in what is traditionally a fluorescent shopping mecca. And that’s a nice touch added to those traders who are now a part of it all.

Visit the new Westfield Marion Food Mall, downstairs at 297 Diagonal Rd, Oaklands.

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