A Meow-nificiant Experience At Adelaide’s Cat Cafe #Meow

Quirky cat décor, cat videos, 11 furballs of fun and a sugar high. What more could you want?

Cat lovers of Adelaide went bonkers when we announced the opening of #Meow (pronounced Hashtag Meow), Adelaide’s first dessert/cat café. #Meow has only been open for a month now and it’s a purring roaring success! The response was so overwhelming we felt it imperative to go check it out for ourselves – because really, who doesn’t a love desserts (excellent) and cats (also excellent).

#Meow was inspired by the popularity of cat cafes in Asian countries such as Japan, Taiwan, China, and Singapore. Let’s face it – they seem to have the right idea. The owners, Jerry Lam and Amelia Wang, previously owned and operated dessert café, ‘Sir’ on Rundle St., and bring their past experiences into their new venture.

But #Meow is not a venture based upon entertainment value, dear friends. The cats aren’t just a novelty. Before #Meow, Jerry and his girlfriend wanted the cats to become part of their family and adopted the 11 furballs from the Animal Welfare League from owners who could no longer care for them. Having owned cats for most of his life, Jerry’s main goal is to educate people about being a responsible pet owner. He aims to inform people of the time and cost required to become a pet owner, and to not simply buy pets because they are too cute for life.

The 11 cats (sadly) aren’t for sale or for adoption, as the owners believe they ought not to be treated like a product. Like every pet owner who considers their pets to be their fur baby, Jerry and Amelia consider all the cats to be family, and will take care of them until the very end. This is a forever home … awwwww!

#Meow itself is quite minimalistic inside. There’s an emphasis on quirky cat themed décor, including artwork of cats in intergalactic settings, and a TV playing cat videos. Since cat videos are the most popular thing on the internet (cats getting themselves stuck in small spaces, realising too late that they can’t make that jump, scaring each other, etc.), we can only assume this is an infinite broadcast.

Their dessert menu is ever changing, but has a delicious selection of treats, including crepes, brownies, and homemade cheesecake. We tried the sizzling brownie, in which the server theatrically poured melted chocolate over the top. Not much more description necessary: it was awesome. The food arrived punctually, and service was immediate, helpful, and friendly.

Of course, the part that had us most excited: seeing the cats. Everyone’s seen a cat before, but there’s some sort of squishy fluffieness about seeing multiple cats living harmoniously in one location that makes you do that weird baby-animal voice. Don’t worry, the cat room is separate from the dining area, for OH&S reasons, and so that patrons don’t find cat hair in their cheesecake.

It costs $6 for half an hour, and $12 for an hour, in which customers can bring in drinks.

The majority of the cats are kittens, with a few adults, and is a mix of males and females. It goes without saying, but all the cats are gorgeous. The older pats are a little more patient, but the younger cats are still skittish, but playful. They generally welcome being cuddled. The only problem is that there are nine cats, and you only have two hands, so you have to strategically divvy up your petting time per cat (#cat lady problems.)

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed feline fanatic, or you just want to cuddle a cat, #Meow is the place to hang out and relax.

Jerry is happy with how #Meow is progressing saying, “so far, so good!”. He’s pleased to have met so many Adelaide cat lovers and looks forward to bringing more cats in as the business grows. There’s already talks of another cafe opening with cats up for adoption. We’ll be all over it when he does.

#Meow is located at 499a Payneham Road, Felixstow


Tues-Fri: 2PM-9PM

Sat: 12PM-1OPM

Closed Sundays & Mondays

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