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A Naughty Take-over! Mt Gambier’s ScRoll Queen rolls into popular Hutt St cookie store

Mt Gambier Bakery, ScrRoll Queen, is ‘taking over’ Naughty Nannas Cookies on Saturday 15th June. Grab your ScRolls and Cookies from 9am until stock runs out!

Attention all lovers of everything doughy and sweet! Scroll Queen is taking over Naughty Nannas Cookies on Saturday, June 15th, for a one-day-only delight.

Let me clarify. When I say ‘take-over’, I don’t mean the ScRoll Queen is booting the Naughty Nannas out the door. That’d be a pretty ‘crumby’ thing to do. Instead, it’ll be a two-fold trick of treats, from 9am until they run out of stock.

While ScRoll Queen doses out their legendary ScRolls, Naughty Nannas will be pulling those fresh-baked cookies out of the oven for the loyal lovers of their decadent bites.

Since 2018, ScRoll Queen has been baking carbalicious (don’t look that word up, I just invented it) joy for the hungry folk of Mt Gambier.

Baked fresh every day, new ScRolls are constantly invented to add variety to their favourites, which include Blueberry Cheesecake ScRoll, Coffee Walnut ScRoll, Oreo ScRoll, and Tim Tam ScRoll. I’d happily chow down on any of those, but it’s the “Espresso-infused dough baked with a coffee walnut toffee” Coffee Walnut ScRoll descriptor that’s boosted my Dopamine for the day.

The owner and founder of Naughty Nannas, Bianca Mew, initiated this collaboration after learning of ScRoll Queens’ ambition to open an Adelaide store. To support this goal, she’s invited him to take over her store so we can all get a taste of his scrummy ScRolls ourselves. Thanks, Bianca!

In March this year, Dylan McQueen, the owner of ScRool Queen, launched a “Bring ScRoll Queen to Adelaide” GoFundMe page to bring his “finest, freshest, and most delicious cinnamon ScRolls in the country” to Adelaide. In his ‘pitch’, he shared his story and passion for the product he loves sharing with his Mt Gambier fans:

“My journey with Cinnamon ScRolls began in 2018 when I started my business from home, making Cinnamon ScRolls to sell at the local farmers markets in Mount Gambier. Since then, we have opened two stores in Mount Gambier and developed our reputation with locals and tourists as one of the top attractions to visit while in the Limestone Coast region.”

“We are an Aussie-made original franchise! ScRoll Queen is not just about selling cinnamon ScRolls; it’s about creating a destination where people can come together to enjoy a delicious treat, create memories, and experience the joy of sharing something special. Our commitment to quality ingredients, exceptional service, and a welcoming atmosphere will set us apart. There is nothing like ScRoll Queen in Adelaide.”

So, what exactly is it about Cinnamon ScRolls that he loves? He shared that his “culinary revelation” came about upon discovering “The warmth of cinnamon, the softness of the dough, and the sweetness of the icing… Since then, I’ve been on a quest to recreate that experience and share it with others.”

His ambition to open an Adelaide store is borne from his appreciation for Adelaide’s “vibrant food scene and diverse community.”

So, this is where we all put our money where our mouths are. You want ScRoll action? Then, you need to be jiggling your toes with anticipation in that line-up outside Naughty Nannas on Saturday. Buy up and bring ScRoll Queen to Adelaide!

Follow their socials for more updates: ScRoll Queen | Naughty Nannas

ScRoll Queen Takes Over Naughty Nannas
Date: Saturday 15 June 2024
Time: 9am until stock runs out
Address: Naughty Nannas – 237 Hutt St, Adelaide.

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