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A new karaoke concept is coming to Adelaide

A brand new karaoke concept is coming to Adelaide with prize giveaways, crowd games, music and much more.


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Forget your usual karaoke night, Okie Dokie Karaoke is bringing karaoke with an edge to venues across Adelaide.

Started by hospitality and event gurus Eric Stephens, Daniel Lorenz and Chella Ebdell, the team say the new concept is flipping karaoke on its head.

The new concept will see a night of karaoke incorporated with stand-up comedy, prizes, DJs and more.

The group have years of experience in hosting events from weddings to pub functions, and guarantee they know how to throw a seriously fun party.

“The night will be full on interactivity, we are catering for everyone to come along and have some fun. This isn’t just your stock standard karaoke night,” says co-owner Daniel Lorenz.

The team discussed the possibility of an interactive app where singers can create their own profile and have people vote for them.

“We are hoping to develop a reality TV concept, similar to X-factor, where people can follow us around to different events and vote for their favourite singer,” explains Eric Stephens.

The idea stemmed from the team wanting to bring some life back to the pubs after their extended “dry” period due to COVID-19.

The first Okie Dokie Karaoke night is happening on 26 September at the Portland Hotel, with other events in the works too.

The opening night has a random cash draw for every singer that is involved with a raffle draw at the end of the evening for some epic prizes.

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