A New Kind Of Barber Shop Launches On Payneham Road

A New Kind Of Barber Shop Launches On Payneham Road

New barbers seem to be popping up everywhere in SA lately, but the most recent one offers something a little more unique to the usual barber shop experience.


Barber shops are popping up all around Adelaide, but the most recent one to open offers something a little more unique to the usual experience.

Through their aim of ‘turning boys into gents’ the lads over at Barber Society are certainly up to date with the latest trends in men’s hairdressing.

After visiting the new space for their launch, it was clear they embrace the traditions of a barber shop, but have combined this with a modern sleekness. It’s the ultimate man cave experience, with a flat screen television for clients to play video games on their PlayStation (which also has access to Netflix). Hell yeah, dude!

‘We have FIFA, so as soon as people started to find out about that, they started to come in earlier…so it’s also a great opportunity for the customers to interact with each other,’ says Barber Society owner Jimmy.

‘The boys can talk loud, they can swear, they can basically do what they want without having to worry about the more reserved people you would find in a salon.’

Jimmy says there’s talk of a bar being set up and that he’ll be obtaining his liquor license in the upcoming months, so clients can enjoy a cold bevvy while they wait to get their fresh cuts.

But ‘the biggest difference with us is that we take bookings, which is not your general barber shop…this gives us the chance to spend time with the customer by getting to know them on a more personal level, opposed to rushing around while, say, six or so other people are waiting,’ says Jimmy.

Located along Payneham Road in College Park, this barber shop is the perfect place for fellow men to maintain their ‘on fleek’ haircuts.

To book an appointment online, download the Vagaro app through the App Store and search ‘Barber Society’ or go through the website here. They can also be reached on (08) 8362 9235.

You can stay up to date with Barber Society by following their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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