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A New Pinterest-Worthy Champagne Cart Is On Its Way

The most amazing mobile European champagne bar carts are on their way and you NEED them in your life.

Adelaide has a longstanding love affair with the European summer. Who can blame us though?

Picture this, you’ve got your new season straw boater hat on, your favourite floral sundress and there’s not a cloud in the sky. The warm Italian sun is beating down on your skin as you wander through a maze of cobblestone laneways in search of your next gelato stop. Your shopping bags are starting to weigh you down though and the heels you’ve chosen are KILLING you (but damn they look good). Suddenly it feels like you’re walking through the Sahara desert and to add to that, you’re thirsty AF.

Wait! What’s that?!

A vision in the distance, you spot a three-wheeled cart that houses all your dreams. As you get closer the fresh flowers spilling over the window boxes create an intoxicating fragrance and at last, you can make out it’s A BAR ON WHEELS. There is a God after all. When all you want to do is throw yourself on the cart and down that Prosecco, you saunter and keep your composure just incase some Insta talent scout is around the corner. But as soon as that cold, cold liquid pours down your throat, you know everything is going to be just fine.

Well, the clever people of Champagne Co. have literally copy and pasted that feeling. They’re currently fully customising two amazing bar carts which will be for hire. The iconic 1940s Piaggio Apes are being converted to rustic, chic mobile bars stocked with local and international Champagnes, wine and craft beer and cider. You’ll find everything from Moet to Bird in Hand. For the non-drinkers, even their Capi cola is super cute.

While we don’t have pictures of the Champagne Co. carts just yet, they will be an identical all-white pair with wooden oak bench tops and a hidden bar. Boater hat optional.

Here’s some quick inspo we found on Instagram in case you have no fricken’ clue what we’re talking about…

You’ll be able to hire these bad boys for corporate events, weddings, parties – you name it. There are different packages available and stacks more you can add on like champagne towers and champagne pops.

For enquiries and bookings, get in touch with the guys here.

In the meantime, follow their antics on Facebook and Instagram.

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