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A New Type Of Dumpling Festival Is Here

Adelaide is getting a new dumpling festival — not that we’re complaining. The humble dumpling deserves to be celebrated!

It’s no secret that we love dumplings here at Glam Adelaide. There’s just something so delightful about the spoonfuls of deliciousness all wrapped up in little doughy packages, small enough to fit in your mouth — that’s right, we’re a one-bite-only kind of team.

Gyoza, xiao long bao, wontons, ravioli, mandu, siu mai, dim sim, samosas — our repertoire of dumplings is pretty extensive. Still, there are so many dumplings to choose from, it’s no surprise we may have missed some.

Lucky for us (and you), Adelaide is getting its very own Russian dumpling festival this May! We’re talking cooking classes, matchings beers and wines, and dumplings for daaaaaaaays — just the way we like ’em.

Gilbert Place bar, Red October is hosting their dumpling festival from 14 to 25 May. With chef Elena at the helm, born in Yekaterinburg, Russia and with years of experience in both Russia and Australia, you can expect some expertly made dumplings that display the best of both cuisines.

The dishes will transport you all over Russia and the Soviet Union, Apart from regular beef/pork and potatoes fillings think seafood, fish and venison. Fans of Middle Eastern cuisine can expect large steamed dumplings filled with lamb too.

Vegetarians and coeliacs are also invited to the party with a range of vegetarian options and a gluten free dough option.

Dessert dumplings are also on the cards with filling like cherries, ricotta and chocolate. Interestingly, we can also expect Georgian styles with different wrapping and filling of cheese and herbs, as well as beef ones.

If all of this sounds simply too short-lived then get your dumpling making skills up to par with classes taking place on 18, 19, 25 and 26 May at Red October! The classes are ticketed events and you’ll be able to secure your spot via Eventbrite very soon.

Classes will go for two hours and will cover basic ingredients, making and rolling the dough, filing and hand wrapping of a few traditional dumpling styles, then cooking and, of course, eating them!

You’ll end up making three types of your own dumplings from scratch. Groups will be limited to 6-8 people at a time, so you want to secure your spot for this intimate experience as soon as you can.

Red October is located at 22 Gilbert Place, Adelaide.

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