A New Way To Bring Enviable Style Into Your Home

This year’s Stockholm collection invites you to bring form, functionality and of course enviable style into your home

Ikea continuously look to improve and add to your life’s spaces with each collection they introduce, but none more so than this year’s Stockholm collection, inviting you to bring form, functionality and of course enviable style into your home. With the majority of Sweden’s population residing near a nature park, it’s inevitable that their designers are inspired by the outdoors and Stockholm 2017 sees this interpreted into a cosy, autumnal and hardwearing collection of luscious sofas, natural rattan armchairs and tables, mouth-blown glassware and generous cushions, oh so many cushions!

If you’ve ever had an obsession with cushions, Stockholm allows you to indulge with the sofa, available in rich royal blue to reflect the morning light of the city and warm red as a nod to the sunset. The designer of this sofa was known to bring home prototypes of the deep seated sofa to test with his young family in order to try its functionality. It is a truly adaptable piece to curl up, sit back or even nap on.

Designer Gunnel Sahlin brings to the table gorgeous glass pieces that not only look incredible as display items but are just asking to be used to bring home-made meals to the table, show off blooms and candles or simply be used as vessels for beverages. Stockholm’s new textile designs literally reflect the water’s patterns with crisp white and mottled blues throughout.

Rattan makes a comeback in a gorgeous, modern form incorporating slim cabinets and low-line tables that serve as hallway or coffee tables, plus huge armchairs with interchangeable seating and cushions. The hardy ash coffee table is a versatile piece and will be welcomed in any interior.

With Scandi home styling always on-trend, this year’s Stockholm collection gives you more reason to welcome the simplistic and natural notes indoors along with some slight retro revivals.


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