A Night Of Cabaret At The Holden Street Theatre

David Salter and Rachel Rai join riotous forces for a night of cabaret at the Holden Street Theatre.

Want a night of cabaret? Well, you’ve got three nights to hit Holden Street Theatre for hilarious entertainment and fabulous music.

From Thursday, December 1st to the 3rd, David Salter and Rachel Rai will finally join their riotous, self-deprecating Cabaret act for the Adelaide Comedy Cabaret Double Bill: Make Believe and Manxious. 

First show up at 7:30pm, Make Believe. The adult’s only cabaret sees David Salter singing and slurring his way through some children’s classics. Expect a performance like a lovechild of Noni Hazlehurst crossed with your drunken uncle. In the touching performance, all your naughty and bittersweet memories will come back to life.

Following at 9:30pm, Manxious. Now, what does that actually mean? Well, it’s to feel or show anxiety, nervousness or hysteria while waiting for a man to reply to your text. After it’s huge success at the Melbourne’s Cabaret Festival, Rachel Rai is bringing it to Adelaide. It’s extremely relatable, hilariously self-deprecating and she’s armed with a snazzy four-piece.

You can see one or both shows at the Holden Street Theatres this week. Get your tickets at the Holden Street Theatre’s website.

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