Hardy’s Verandah Levels Up Their Dining Experience With This New Package

Let the grand social gatherings that once reigned within these history-ridden walls live on. This Hardy’s Verandah Dining Experience is the luxurious night-out you’ve been waiting for.


Over 170 years ago, Mount Lofty House was built as a summer residence for Arthur Hardy. The venue quickly became synonymous with lavish parties and social gatherings for Adelaide’s elite. 

The celebrations that have flourished within the walls throughout history continue to live on today at Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant. With 3 chef hats and rated in the nations top 20 restaurants, along with a host of other awards, Hardy’s showcases South Australia’s fine dining at its very best. 

To ensure that everyone is able to experience a night of luxury for themselves, Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant at Mount Lofty House is now offering a stunning dining experience that is bound to be a staple in opulent South Australian dining.

So what can you expect on this dining experience? Well, we have the brief rundown.

“We want to welcome everyone to our house,” says General Manager, Jesse Kornoff, who has a strong passion for good, old-fashioned hospitality. 

Guests will start the evening in the Arthur Waterhouse Lounge (also known as the cocktail lounge) which is complete with the original open fireplace, a view down the beautiful Piccadilly Valley and an Italian master barman.

The night will then move to the Cellar (Arthur’s Wine Cellar). Running the entire length of the historic building and made from excavated solid rock, the Cellar boasts one of the best wine lists in the state and has a staggering 4000 bottles filling the shelves.

You will then be welcomed by the team and offered a glass of Sequoia sparkling, made from the estate’s winery (which fun fact, is also the highest altitude vineyard in South Australia).

Following this, you will be taken through the amazing history of the estate, in particular the more celebratory and exciting aspects of the “Great Gatsby-esk” history of Arthur Hardy’s historic estate.

Mount Lofty House was built as the summer residence of Arthur Hardy, an Englishman who brought not only the state’s most lavish parties to the Hills, but also founded schools and institutes for workers to improve their reading and writing skills. 

From here, you will head upstairs to be seated in the estates original bedrooms and at Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant.

Guests will be treated to fabulous food and an extensive wine list. The food is coined, ‘Valley to Verandah,’ meaning that everything is South Australian with a particular focus on the Valley that the restaurant looks upon. 

Amuse Bouche
Coconut Sorbet

Given Arthur owned all the land across Mount Lofty and chose to build his house in this spot it is guaranteed that you will have the best views in the state. 

If all this talk of luxury, award-winning food and wine and charming history has you wanting more, then you’re going to have to book. (It should be noted that you will need to book ahead). To do this call (8339 6777) or head online for more information.

Prices for the experience start at $119 for the four-course menu and move to $179 if you wish to have the seven-course degustation.

The experience is offered for dinner from 6pm every night of the week.

Mount Lofty House

1 Mawson Drive, Crafers

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