A Positive Life: A Different Type Of PMS

We aren’t talking about the PMS that would normally come to mind…

Ok men, look away. But only for a few seconds because this isn’t the kind of PMS that women normally talk about. Oh no, we are looking at PMS: Passion, Motivation and Strengths. Even we can agree that is much nicer!

This week we hit up our resident Life Coach Mayanthi to have a chat about what this means…

Having touched on this topic in previous posts, I can’t stress the importance of setting tasks that are achievable for you, yourself and you! It’s always easy to write down goals and picture yourself completing tasks. But you still find yourself thinking ‘why can’t I complete it?’

“If you set goals for yourself… you probably realise it’s not that your goals are physically impossible that’s keeping you from achieving them; it’s that you lack the self-discipline to stick to them…” Do you know who said that? Daniel Goldstein who is a Psychologist. Daniel, stop being so right!

When you get to the crux of it, it comes down to recognising three things: our Passions (including life dreams and desires), our Motivations (what pushes us to achieve a goal) and our Strengths (including skills and abilities). To become someone who is able to successfully complete tasks and achieve goals that they set out, all 3 factors need to align.

If you think about the tasks you have on your to-do list, think about if your strengths, motivations and passions are there to support and propel you to achieving those tasks. For example… Exam study. We might have the strengths (abilities) to complete our exams and successfully completing your exams may lead to achieving your dream job (our passions) but you just don’t have the motivation to study. That would resonate with most people…

Once we recognise the factors that are holding us back from reaching that end goal, we can put our attention to rectifying the situation. In this case, what will drive you to turn off the TV and open a textbook? Is it group study? Is it providing yourself with an incentive (a massage perhaps)? Different methods work for different people. Discover what works for you.

Let’s think about another example, when I had the idea of starting a lifestyle blog, I had the passion for it, wanted to build a career out of it, and I had all the motivation to do it, but I didn’t know anything about computers and I have no idea how to use a professional camera. So I knew that to achieve the goal I had to get help and use techniques to help build my skills in these areas. So I took charge and asked a ‘techy’ friend for help, I watched YouTube tutorials and read self-help tech blogs. So now that I’ve worked on building my skills and abilities in this area, my PMS were aligned!

It is really important that you are aware of your PMS and you are doing what it takes to build on the missing pieces, you will find your goals so much more achievable and less overwhelming when you do…

As usual I would love to hear your feedback on how you have discovered your PMS and how that has helped you in achieving your goals and aspirations. Email me at [email protected].

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