A Positive Life: Be Inspired By Your Own Resilience

Resilience is the key to making it through adversity…

Have you ever looked back on a difficult time in your life and thought ‘how did I get through that?’ We think it would be a pretty common occurrence. Whether you didn’t get that job you really wanted, you have gone through the grieving process after losing a loved one… So what is it that helps us through these tough situations and bounce back?

This week we hit up our resident Life Coach Mayanthi to have a chat about resilience…

In psychology resilience is classified as one of our protective factors. The following definition describes the meaning of resilience:

Resilience embodies the personal qualities that enable one to thrive in the face of adversity (Connor and Davidson, 2003).

During my training in counselling we learnt a lot about resilience and its importance and necessity during times of adversity. It protects us in the moment and allows us to feel like we can get through arduous situations. It helps us to pick ourselves up little by little while realising along the way that we are actually capable and strong enough to get through it.

Think back to a time where you have had to overcome adversity. Recall the strategies you used to help get you through the situation. Did you speak to a friend or write in a journal? Did you become your own supporter or simply take a moment and told yourself to breath. These are all strategies that we may use to get through difficult situations. If one doesn’t work, try another. The key is to find one that keeps pushing you forward, one that allows you to build the strength you need to foster resilience and pull through. Once you’ve found what works for you, keep these experiences in your awareness and use these strategies to help you brave anything you might face in the future.

In my line of work I meet people going through adversity on a day-to-day basis. It’s so inspiring to see how these people are able to live with a positive mindset and to pursue and achieve their goals despite the daily challenges they face. I then think about the challenging situations I’ve faced myself and how I myself have overcome them and this is also inspiring. So why not get inspired by your own resilience and use this to help yourself if you’re facing a challenging situation. You’ve pulled through before, who’s to say you can’t do it again.

As usual I would love to hear your feedback, so let me know how you have been inspired by your own resilience. Email me at [email protected].

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