A Positive Life: How To Make Your Goals Achievable And ‘Just Do It’

Ever had someone tell you to ‘just do it’? Sometimes taking that step into the unknown can hold us back… Get some tips on how to reach your goals here…

We have all heard the phrase ‘just do it’. Trademarked by Nike, and used in everyday life so often… It is such a simple phrase with a not so simple call-to-action. It is always easier said than done, right?

So why is it so hard to ‘just do it’? Our resident ‘positive thinking Life Coach guru’ Mayanthi breaks it all down for us…

Just doing it. If it was that easy we would all be doing the things that we love or that we should be doing or that were the best for us all of the time. I think that the reason that we don’t or can’t has a lot to do with how we go about it. Let’s just take one step back and think about what kind of thoughts go through our mind before jumping into something new. A lot of the time we think ‘I can’t do that, it’s going to be difficult, what if people don’t like it, no one will come’ and so on. These unhelpful thoughts start creating doubt in our minds and we are pretty much setting ourselves up for failure.

So instead of starting of with the negativity, let’s turn that around into positive thinking. Thoughts that will have (we would hope) the opposite effect. Thoughts such as ‘I am achieving my goal, people could benefit from me doing this, I am excited to see what people think, I think I will be helping myself and others by doing this.’ These are all thoughts that support and reinvigorate our own passion and ideas, creating excitement in our mind. This way of thinking ultimately gives us a sense that whatever we want to achieve is closer within our grasp. And that is what this is all about!

Maybe instead of having those thoughts and talking ourselves out of doing things, if we channeled our thoughts in a positive way… Encouraging ourselves and turning our thoughts into action which will in turn bring us closer to achieving our goals. Yes!

A lot of how and if we end up achieving something that we have in our mind can also be influenced by the way we go about doing that particular thing. For example, a lot of the time we try and go too hard too fast. Do it in baby steps. That saying “slow and steady wins the race”, yeah that actually comes in to play sometimes! If you give yourself a list of smaller and more achievable goals to get you to your ultimate goal then the ultimate goal is a lot more likely to be reached!

So if you’re thinking about doing something and you’ve had enough of people telling you to ‘just do it’, take a step back… What are you telling yourself? How can you change those thoughts to help you? What actions can you take to help you? Action or inaction, it all starts in your own mind.

Teach your mind to think positively and proactively.

I would love to hear your feedback on how you have changed your mind to think positively and how that impacted your ability to ‘just do it’. Email me at [email protected].

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