A Positive Life: Time To Reflect

It is almost time to say goodbye to 2015, but first let’s reflect on the year that was…

It is almost goodbye 2015 and hello 2016… We swear we blinked and this year was almost over! As we head towards the beginning of a new year, we thought we would hit up our resident Life Coach Mayanthi to have a chat about reflection…

As we get set to wrap up 2015, I’m starting to think back on this past year and reflect on what has actually happened. Is it just me or do the years feel like they are just passing us by at lightning speed? When time flies I personally start to lose track on what has been achieved in the past year.

After my last article discussing the importance of resilience (read it here), I must say that I believe reflection is the power source behind resilience. If we can look back on what we have achieved, what we have yet to achieve and how everything has come to be, we will start to understand our strengths, abilities and the lessons that we’ve learnt on the path to reaching success in all areas of our lives.

I spent ‘An Evening with Oprah’, when she was in Adelaide recently. She reflected upon her life and shared with us how every experience has played a part in making her who she has become, and how it has driven her to the life she lives today. That was the biggest lesson I took from that incredible night. I realised that when you reflect on your experiences in life you are able to distinguish certain patterns and connections, some more obvious than others, that has led you to where you are today. Did you trade stability for passion when you quit that high paying but tedious job with no back up plan? But if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have met that cute bloke at the coffee shop at 11am on a Monday as you were furiously searching for your next job. And you certainly wouldn’t be saying ‘I do’ today. Have you ever tried doing that yourself with your own life? I think you would be surprised by the connections you may make.

I look forward to taking some time to sit down and reflect on 2015, and think about what I have achieved, what I have learnt, what have I done to take care and better myself. Also, how I can use these reflections to set my goals for the year ahead. I hope you’re able to find sometime during this festive season to reflect on your past year. Wishing you all a happy and joyous holiday season! I look forward to speaking to you all again in 2016.

Photo captured by Bird in Hand Winery.


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