A Positive Mind: The Top Tips For Shaking The Winter Blues

Shake off the Winter blues with these tips for a smooth transition into the warmer weather (bring it on)

After the havoc that a dull Winter can play on your mind and body (all that Winter comfort eating), it is no surprise that the weather can effect our mood. But did you know that it is actually a ‘thing’. It’s called SAD. That’s Seasonal Affective Disorder for those of you playing at home, and it is a diagnosed mental disorder.

But enough of the big words, to put it more simply Winter equals sad (generally) and Spring/Summer equals happy. With proven research from psychologists, it is all well and good to know all of this… But how do we go about transitioning our mind from being down in the deep, dark depths of Winter to springing back up during the warmer, brighter months? Well we have put together three tips to help make the transition smooth and simple:

Set An Achievable Goal 

The key word here is ACHIEVABLE. So not like the continuos New Years resolution that is never achieved, because let’s face it, we will never stop eating chocolate! Aim for smaller goals with a practical step, such as drinking more water. Need some motivation? Buy yourself a pretty drink bottle, you would be surprised how much nicer it is to drink from and you will be sipping on the regular!

Break The Routine

Winter makes it hard to have a social life and a proper routine. Sometimes you can be stuck in a boring rut during the colder months, so break this by adding something new into your routine… For example; Get off the bus one stop earlier and take a longer walk, use this time to breathe in the fresh air and be mindful, just take in your surroundings and simply follow your thoughts without judgement. A fresh start to a new day.

Feed Your Mind With Fresh Air

Research shows that fresh air is extremely beneficial for the mind and body, so why not do yourself a favour and take advantage of it, besides it is free! So why not? Take one thing that you would normally do inside and do it outside… It could be something as simple as leaving the office to eat your lunch, cooking – Summer does mean BBQ weather, take a book and read in the garden… Whatever works for you!

I say bring on the warmer weather! There is almost nothing better than being able to walk outside at 8pm, the sun is still shining and the air is still warm. With these tips, I hope that you get out of that Winter lull and begin to enjoy the happier times as the weather heats up.

I would love your feedback on whether these tips work for you and if you have any of your own tips. Feel free to email me at [email protected].



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