A Secret Musical Oasis Awaits You At The Coconut Club – A New Boutique Pop Up Festival

Fancy enjoying a secret, tropical, musical oasis? How about enjoying the music from the water with a wine, beer and/or coconut? This is all possible at Adelaide’s newest pop up event.

Adelaide keeps smashing it out of the park with small, boutique festivals and events. This December will be no different, with the Torrens Riverbank turning into a floating ‘pop-up’ musical festival thanks to The Coconut Club.

Grab your dancing shoes and jump on one of the newly launched BBQ buoys, to be ferried across the river to a secret tropical musical oasis, or tee up some friends and your own BBQ buoy, to kick back and enjoy the music from the water with a wine, beer and/or coconut.

Newcomers to the Adelaide Music scene, Indie-folk four-piece, The Coconut Kids, first came up with the idea when trying to find places to play in the colder winter months, and now have created an ongoing successful mini fest.

“We’ve been so amazed how well this has worked in Adelaide,” says Julian Ferguson, one of founding members of The Coconut Kids.

“It started out as a bit of fun, and now they keep selling out. South Australia does small and intimate so well, and I think that’s makes the city so special.”

It’s being supported by Clare Valley Brewery Company, Jeannerret Wines & Corioles Wines and Splash Adelaide.

This new “Pop-up” festival will feature a variety of hand picked acts including bluegrass The Cherry Pickers, afrofunk 8 piece Local Revolution, and the Sydney based “Little Coyote” as well as event organisers The Coconut Kids.

The idea is to continue the boutique festival several times throughout the year and transform underutilised urban spaces in Adelaide into beautiful pop-up venues.

Tickets for the first edition cost $26 per person and are available at and numbers are limited.


BBQ Buoys at Coconut Club

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