A Sneaky Look Into Alpine Winter Village

A Sneaky Look Into Alpine Winter Village

Take a quick tour inside the Village before it opens this Friday night!


We’ve seen rain, hail even, freezing cold days and night and yet amongst it all a Winter Wonderland has been under construction right in the heart of our Riverbank Precinct. And Friday night, the team behind Royal Croquet Club will reveal their latest creation to run from July 7-31 – Winter Alpine Village. People, we are getting Xmas in July.
Alpine Winter VillageAlpine Winter Village
So, what do we know so far? We’ve been told about the food and drink, we’ve certainly been told about the Ice Skating rink but it’s hard to envisage what the space will feel like without your imagination leading you slightly astray. Well, there is certainly a theme of the alps taking shape, with exposed timber, a chalet-style bar and the smell of roasted chestnuts expected to waft throughout the market space.

Some of Adelaide’s most loved culinary names will provide the food focus for the space, with wurst, hot pretzels, crepes, egg nog and pizza all number of warming meals for the season. And let’s not forget the mulled wine, cider, beers and deep winter reds that will be on offer, all in preparation for the centre piece, the showcase, the most magical aspect of the space (if you are predisposed to falling on your ass a lot).

Alpine Winter Village
Here it is, in all its glory…

We speak of the open air ice rink, one of the features that Renewal SA have helped facilitate that is going to be an endless source of hilarity, romantic moments and hopefully a way for the kids to whittle away some of their holidays this month (hint hint parents, they’re open during the day).

Most of us have never experienced a winter Christmas and the twinkle of joy that it brings to the cooler months. But rest assured, Stuart Duckworth and his Little Miss team have set about creating something special once again here, something that will hopefully become a regular fixture in Adelaide for years to come.
Alpine Winter VillageAlpine Winter Village  Alpine Winter Village    Alpine Winter Village

Alpine Winter Village opens on Thursday, 7 July until Sunday, 31 July at the Torrens Parade Grounds. Entry is off King William Road. Opening times will be Sun–Thu 10am–midnight and Fri–Sat 10am-1pm.

You can enter for free, except on Friday and Saturday after 7pm ($5 charge for those nights). Ice Skating will be $7.50 for children; $12.50 for adults; $30 for families. You can pre-purchase the tickets here.

Be sure to follow everything going on at the Adelaide Riverbank via their Facebook or jump online to their website. They’ve certainly got a lot coming up!


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