Adelaide Street Art Hits Adelaide Zoo

With only a spray of paint Adelaide Zoo’s new mural has brightened up the area.

We’re always searching for a new look. To stand out from the rest and Adelaide has been doing just that! Beautiful murals have been popping up all over the place and we think the splashes of colour are doing wonders to the streets of Adelaide.

The Adelaide Zoo is no exception to the colourful trend with their new mural completed and ready to be admired. They got the one and only street artist Dvate to create the magnificent artwork, using only aerosol to enliven the space between the zoo and Frome Road.



The freshly sprayed murals feature yellow-footed rock wallabies and a Red-tailed Black Cockatoo. And might we add they look pretty realistic (apart from the fact they’re enormous). The making of this work of art was all captured on video, all for us to watch and be amazed by the stunning creation.

And while it’s not the arrival of Wang Wang and Funi, this artwork is just as impressive and beautiful. So, it’s definitely worth taking a trip down to Adelaide Zoo to check it out and since you’re there why not spend the day with the animals, who are always looking forward to visitors.

Photography by Nicole Miller, Zoos SA

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