Adelaide Fringe

A Treasure Hunt… For Everyone

An Adelaide Fringe event with a twist of mystery is Aardfard’s Treasure Hunt, which is played online and ties in with real life events around Adelaide.

The treasure hunt is played 24/7 over 28 days, where teams up to six participants or solo players compete online and in person for mysterious treasures and real gold prizes, by solving seventy digital puzzles and competing in three live events.

The hunt is appropriate for all ages and skill levels, where clues are released in batches to participants that challenge skills across languages, trivia, music, visual puzzles, mathematics and word games.  Live events provide the opportunity to compete face to face, with each event embodying a theme to challenge each team to receive coins to move their way up on the treasure hunt leader board.

The finale is a public event to be held on Sunday March 13th.  Registration for the event is still open and for more information, including ticket prices visit the website

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