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The Vegan Film Festival kicks off in Adelaide this May

The Vegan Film Festival will feature 22 films from around the world showcasing stories about climate change, animals, and vegan lifestyle.

The Vegan Festival has done an incredible job of putting Adelaide on the map as a vegan-conscious city, and now their new venture is hoping to put Adelaide on the map for vegan cinema.

When you think of vegan films, it’s probably all doom and gloom, but the Vegan Film Festival 2021 is here to break that stereotype with a wide selection of genres from comedy to drama, from horror to romcom, musicals and documentaries, animation and more. The creativity is incredible and showcases the talents of local and international filmmakers talking about anything from Climate Action, Lifestyle to Animals.

The Vegan Film Festival will feature 22 films from around the world.

The festival will kick off much like any other film festival with a walk down the carpet, but this time, it will be a green carpet.

Head of the Vegan Festival and Vegan Film Festival Lea Mcbride is encouraging people to wear sustainable fashion.

“We’ve encouraged people to wear sustainable clothing, something glam but not new. Go out to one of the op shops on Rundle street and get something great,” she says.

“We want to show that you can look stunning without having to go out and buy brand new clothes.”

Lea said it’s daunting starting a new festival but is already happy with the interest in the event.

“We weren’t quite sure what the public would think, but we were hopeful,” she says.

The Vegan Festival decided to do a film festival because veganism is one of the fastest growing social justice movements world-wide, and they believe there has never been a better time to celebrate victories in animal rights and share inspiring stories to encourage others to take positive actions that not only benefits animals but the environment and health too.

Lea also said because South Australia is known for producing films and is on the rise to being known as a premiere vegan city ,it seemed like the perfect fit.

The event will kick off on the Friday night with the world premiere of The world premiere Voiceless; Crime of Silence. 

This feature documentary delves into the world of the rapidly rising animal rights movement, discovering what the true cost of silence may be.

Documentaries aren’t the only genre of films on offer, with a diverse range such as comedies, drama, romcoms and even horror.

There are four judges for this film festival of quite impeccable pedigree.

Lynda Stoner worked as an actor throughout most of her life including theatre, musicals, TV shows including Young Doctors, Cop Shop, and she’s now an animal rights activist and head of Animal Liberation and Animals Australia.

Another judge is Leilani Münter, who is a documentary maker, environmentalist and former American stock car racer.

The other two judges are Chris Delforce, who is the founding director of animal rights charity Farm Transparency Project, and Nadine Stott, who is an astronaut who uses her experiences to inspire people about the beauty of the earth.

As you can see, there is a diverse and prestigious lineup of judges for the inaugural Vegan Film Festival.

To see the full program of 22 films head to their website here.

Tickets are now on Sale on the Palace Nova website here.

The Vegan Film Festival is on from the 28th-to the 29th of May at the Palace Nova Cinemas.

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