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Abbots and Kinney opens in Unley

Abbots and Kinney have made a name as one of the most lucrative bakery chains in Adelaide, and now they’ve opened their first storefront in Unley.


By Gina Cameron

Abbots and Kinney opened in Malvern last week, providing specialty coffee and freshly baked breads and pastries to yet another area of Adelaide.

Positioned on the corner of Unley Road and Marlborough Street, with jacaranda trees currently blooming over outdoor diners, this new store is the latest suburban expansion of the originally city-based business.

Abbots and Kinney have made a name as one of the most lucrative bakery chains in Adelaide, growing from a pop-up stall to their first storefront on Pirie Street.

Their expansion has since grown to shop fronts on the city campus of both UniSA and Adelaide University. In 2019, taking over from Red Door Bakery, Abbots and Kinney filled the bakery specific premises in Croydon’s Elizabeth Street as well.

Notably, the Croydon store stayed open over the pandemic, providing barista-made coffee, freshly baked bread and bakery goods as well as the essentials like milk, eggs, and coffee beans to the surrounding community.

The recently opened Malvern presence shows the realisation of owner Jonny Pisanelli of the even greater demand in the suburbs for specialty goods and coffee.

Following the mass exodus of the city in favour of working from home (WFH), there clearly remains a demand for barista made coffee from specialty roaster White Horse Coffee.

Plus, of course, Pisanelli’s sourdough loaves, which are far too good to bother attempting at home. 

At this new store, the team are serving the fun blend of traditional bakery fair and pastry experiments they’ve become known for.

The most recent addition to the menu is the ‘Diego Mara-donut,’ covered in powdered sugar as a cheeky homage to the late great soccer star.

Find Abbots and Kinney’s Unley store at 285 Unley Rd, Malvern.

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