Absurd Award-Winning Fringe Show Coming To Adelaide In 2015

Winner of the Sydney Fringe Festival 2014 Theatre Award, ‘Kinski And I’ will play at the Holden Street Theatre Studio for the 2015 Adelaide Fringe Festival.


image002 copyThe Banned Writings of The Worlds Most Depraved Movie Star…

Winner of the Sydney Fringe Festival 2014 Theatre Award, Kinski And I will play at the Holden Street Theatre Studio from February 11  February 22 2015 as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival. 

Klaus Kinski, the worlds most prolific movie star, is infamous for being egomaniacal, sex-obsessed, even insane. CJ Johnson, concluding a twenty year obsessional investigation, offers his findings, and they are much darker than that.

Even if youve never heard of Klaus Kinski or Werner Herzog, youll still be struck dumb by this hilarious – and very dark – portrait of the craziest, most difficult, most bizarre, and certainly most promiscuous movie star ever.

While working with some of the worlds greatest directors and making an astonishing 135 films (including five with Herzog), Kinski lived such an extreme life that any single day he might end up in a strangers bed, a brawl, a prison cell, an accident, a pregnancy or a lawsuit on a Wednesday

Kinskis autobiography, banned and pulped almost immediately after its initial release, is presented as a theatrical fantasia of humour and depravity in 80 minutes by CJ Johnson, movie critic, host of ABCs Movieland, playwright and filmmaker. None of it is pretty. Hilarious, hallucinatory and nightmarish, its a total original.

 You have been warned.

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