AC Arts Costume Students Recreate Art

TAFE SA Adelaide College of the Arts (AC Arts) Costume for Performance students will showcase their 1450-1950 art inspired period costumes in Adelaide Arcade as part of the 2012 SALA Festival from 3 to 26 August.

Currently in their final year, the twelve students studying the Diploma of Costume for Performance were given the task of creating their costumes on a budget of $150.

Over the past 3 months the students have designed and constructed costumes inspired by various forms of art, be it music, literature, dance or architecture, right down to the undergarments and corsets.

The pieces on display have been inspired by The Three Musketeers, a painting of Louis XV’s lover Madame du Pompadour, sepia photography and Vincent Van Gogh’s The Starry Night, just to name a few.

Costume for Performance lecturer Jenny Ramos is proud of the pieces her students have constructed and said: “The art inspired costumes have given the third year students an opportunity to make garments to their own design, within a given brief, which is what performance costuming is all about.”

“Through this project they (the students) have consolidated the skills they have learnt over the previous three years of their course, such as patternmaking and construction and learnt new techniques in period corsetry and tailoring,” Ms Ramos said.

“Our students are highly regarded because of the industry based training they receive in the course” Ms Ramos stated “they are presently working on two in house productions for the AC Arts Acting and Dance Departments which will be performed later this term.”

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