Adelaide Fringe

AC Arts Illuminates The West End During The Fringe

During the 2012 Adelaide Fringe the TAFE SA Adelaide College of the Arts building on Light Square will be illuminated with brilliant motion graphic projections beamed onto the iconic silver balcony from 24 February to 14 March.

Jack In is a daring and interactive projection project created by renowned multimedia artist Cindi Drennan of Illuminart (South Australian projection arts company) that will transform the West End from dusk until late.

Ms Drennan has worked with students from the Adelaide College of the Arts (AC Arts) and other institutions to create iconic graphics that will be both printed and animated onto the building.

Third year Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design (majoring in painting) student Liesbeth Pockett has been busy designing and creating images for a day and night time banner to be projected onto the AC Arts silver balcony.

Ms Pockett said: “I think it is great to have a project like this available for students to put into practice what has been taught in College.”

For Ms Pockett ‐ who wants to be a professional artist after graduating from AC Arts ‐ being involved in a project like Jack In gives her valuable ‘real world’ experience and is an opportunity to challenge her newly acquired drawing skills.

Each night part of the Jack In projection will also take an open‐access approach where the public are invited to ‘jack in’ with a laptop and then project their visual artwork and motion graphic onto the building.

AC Arts Creative Director Christie Anthoney said: “Every night will be a visual feast and no night will be the same. Students and artists from everywhere can use the building as their own canvas. Jack In builds on our intention to provide ‘real’ experiences at the Adelaide College of the Arts and use our first‐class facilities for the benefit and enjoyment of all.”

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