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Accio Cocktail – Adelaide Has a Tiny, Wizard-Themed Bar

Adelaide’s tiniest bar is wizard-themed, completed with cauldron cocktails and Butterbeer shots.

The Sorcerer’s Bar is a wizard-themed bar, complete with cauldron cocktails and Butterbeer shots.

The bar is the creation of siblings Than and Tira Rattanakosit, whose parents own neighbouring eatery Rue de Siam.

“One day Dad walked past and saw the quite small shop happened to be available and we were interested to open something but we weren’t sure then what we’d do,” said Tira.

They settled on opening a bar, and wanted to bring something brand new to the Adelaide scene.

“I like Harry Potter and I like Sabrina and I like fantasy fiction so we figured why not do a wizardry bar?” she said.

Tira and Tan believe it’s Adelaide’s smallest bar, with only room for 15 people inside, plus space for another 9 or 10 outside.

You won’t be able to miss the venue, with its stone cladding and antique lamp out the front. Inside is decked out in theme, with antique wallpaper, wands, a broom, plus an old clock and portraits of famous alchemists. There’s even a witchcraft spell from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Behind the bar you’ll find a whole wall of spirits, including colour-changing gin and rare German schnapps, plus German beers.

The bar has a range of German draft beers available, like Maisel’s Original (light beer, with wheat and barley malt), Landbier 1857 (flavour of green apples, honey & flowers with a mild body & less bitter), and the Landbier Zwick’l (a full-bodied spicy flavour with finely balanced nuances of malt and bitters.

But the real fun is to be found in the cocktail list.

Enjoy a Half Blood Sangria serve in a king’s cup, or share a Polly Juice Potion, served in a cauldron complete with dry ice. And it wouldn’t be a wizard-theme bar without Butterbeer, made famous in Harry Potter. At The Sorcerer’s Bar, you can enjoy it as Butterbeer shots!

Butterbeer shots

There are also small bar snacks if you’re feeling peckish, including butter beer popcorn, bulgogi beef jerky, Shitake mushroom chips and wasabi peas.

The Sorcerer’s Bar is at 25B Bank Street, Adelaide.

Check out their Facebook page for all their latest updates.

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