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Add This To Your Lunchtime Bucket List… There’s Wine Included

Coal + Cellar are bringing in the goods with an express lunch menu that includes vino.

What can $25 get you nowadays? If we’re talking about food, often you’ll be whispering sweet nothings in that price range, unless you’re after the house rose and a $15 plate from Chinatown. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with that at all, but just sometimes you’d like a five star meal, paired with a five star wine and a coffee for under the cost of a 3 months Netflix subscription. Is that so much to ask?

Apparently not if you walk into the Coal Cellar + Grill at the Hilton Adelaide. Now, that may seem slightly bizarre but in a throwback to the old buffet lunch days, Coal’s Express Lunch menu provides prompt service, value and incredible food all in one. A rotating menu of four dishes will showcase the best features of the Coal Menu and provide a testing ground for their chefs, who may move a dish onto their Ala Carte menu if it proves popular. So basically, you are very likely to be served full price cuisine as part of this deal.

Unlike the ever-changing dishes on offer, a consistent part of the menu will be the incorporation of the Hilton’s monthly chosen produce highlight, an ingredient featured across all their restaurant and bars.

Take as long as you like, or be done in a flash and grab a beer or a soft drink if wine isn’t to your taste that day. This just might be the best value lunch in Adelaide, who knows? Regardless, it’s certainly one for the office lunchtime bucket list.

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