Adelaide’s 2010 Citizen of the Year awards celebrated by new Australians

Town Hall

In the true spirit of Australia Day, new Australian citizens were welcomed and Adelaide City’s outstanding achievers were celebrated at Adelaide Town Hall yesterday. Meanwhile, 30,000 people converged on Elder Park for the biggest Australia Day celebration the City has ever seen.

Lord Mayor Michael Harbison conferred citizenship on more than 60 new Australians who had migrated from countries all over the world, including Switzerland, China, Colombia, the USA and the UK.

The other big part of the Lord Mayor’s Australia Day Citizenship Ceremony was his announcement and presentation of Adelaide City’s Citizen of the Year awards as part of the Australia Day Council’s program.

The City of Adelaide’s 2010 Citizen of the Year is Brian Gilbertson, who has been the artistic director of the much-loved Credit Union Christmas Pageant for the past seven years.

City of Adelaide’s 2010 Young Citizen of the Year is 21-year old UniSA student Tessa Henwood-Mitchell, founder and president, TIA International Aid ( Tessa worked as volunteer at a Bolivian orphanage in 2008, and when she left became convinced that more could be done to help the children.

“Six months ago this was all just an idea in my mind, and now it is a reality. Through TIA and the amazing help of my volunteers, we have the ability to make a real, tangible change to the lives of these children and many others. This is not just an award for me, but for my entire team.”

City of Adelaide’s 2010 Community Event of the Year is the Anzac Eve Youth Vigil, now in its 11th year, which has brought thousands of young South Australians together to continue the Anzac tradition and pay tribute to Anzac Day.

To celebrate the day, singer Vanessa Amorosi wowed the crowds of patriotic Aussies at Elder Park: “It was a privilege to entertain Adelaide on such an important day for all Australians,” she said.

The Lord Mayor commended the award recipients and was glad to be able to confer citizenship upon so many new Australians on such an important day, by far the majority of whom live in Adelaide City.

“This Australia Day has been a great one for Adelaide City; not only are we welcoming new Australians who have chosen to make this state their home, but we’re also gathering to celebrate those who work towards a stronger community.

“The parade and celebrations in Elder Park were and attracted a record crowd, and showed off the Australian spirit at its very best.”

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