Adelaide Airport commences nightly runway closure: What you need to know

Adelaide Airport’s main runway will close nightly until early August for essential maintenance. Discover how these changes will affect flight schedules and local residents.

Adelaide Airport has announced the temporary closure of its main runway for essential maintenance works, set to commence on the evening of Thursday, the 23rd of May, and expected to continue until early August 2024.

The closure is a critical aspect of the Main Runway & Taxiways Overlay Project (MRTOP), aimed at ensuring optimal safety conditions.

The designated runway will be non-operational during the airport’s curfew hours from 11pm to 6am. During these times, a limited number of flights, primarily emergency services and freight operations, which are exempt from the curfew, will redirect to Runway 12/30. This adjustment will shift the flight path, directly affecting residents in the south-east and north-west of Adelaide Airport. Local communities might also notice increased levels of construction noise due to these activities.

This proactive initiative is part of Adelaide Airport’s scheduled maintenance strategy. Grooving, the specific task involved in this phase, is vital as it enhances the runway’s grip. It allows for better drainage and reduces the noise of aircraft during landing and take-off, thus improving general safety. The project avoids public holidays for any runway works, including the upcoming King’s Birthday on the 10th of June 2024.

Adelaide Airport’s team has issued an apology in advance for any disturbances that might arise during this period and expressed gratitude for the public’s patience and understanding while these essential upgrades are completed.

Updates on the progress of these works will be regularly communicated through Adelaide Airport’s official website and social media channels. Further information can also be accessed about understanding air traffic activities more relevant to specific suburbs through Airservices Australia. Detailed coverage is available on the Adelaide Airport website, offering residents guidance on how to best manage the temporary changes.

Residents and travellers seeking more information about the temporary changes to the runways and curfew exceptions can refer to Adelaide Airport’s official communication platforms. The management encourages feedback and any inquiries to ensure clarity and support for all affected by the ongoing developments at the airport.

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