Adelaide Arcade To Be Etched In Gerard McCabe Jewellers’ History

Pointing On the Salver copyOne of the world’s leading master engravers is about to deepen the close ties jeweller Gerard McCabe has with the historic Adelaide Arcade – and the inspiration he draws from years of working within the building.

Englishman Ray Hood, whose engravings adorn icons such as the Wimbledon tennis winner’s and runner’s up salvers and the English Premier League football trophy, will set to work later this month on an assignment to hand engrave the image of Adelaide Arcade and its fountain on a sterling silver salver.

The brainchild of Gerard McCabe, the innovative ‘Adelaide Arcade Engraving Event’ came about when Ray Hood recently migrated from London to Adelaide and joined the Gerard McCabe Jewellers team as its Master Engraver.

Ray Hood is a member of the venerated Goldsmiths of London for his services to the craft and a Freeman of the City of London in recognition of the high quality of his engraving work.

“It’s not often that a true craftsman in hand engraving arrives on your doorstep so when fate brought Ray and I together, I knew it was time for my long-held dream to become reality,” Mr McCabe said.

“I’ve had a long association with the Adelaide Arcade and have always wanted to record, in a manner befitting a jewellery business, the timeless story of the Arcade with the equally enduring craftsmanship of hand engraving.

“For me, it’s as much about the history as it is the Gerard McCabe Jewellers’ points of difference and our tradition of creativity and excellence in everything we do, including the age-old art form of hand engraving.

“Ray will offer our new bespoke, jewellery hand engraving service, Monogram, allowing customers to capture a moment in time with personalised jewellery that is uniquely theirs.”

The painstaking and meticulous assignment is expected to take at least six weeks to complete.  The final two weeks will provide the Adelaide public with a fascinating insight into Ray Hood’s craftsmanship as he will complete the project engraving live in the very heart of the Adelaide Arcade.

Gerard McCabe Jewellers is a dynamic South Australian, family-owned business that has been designing and crafting exquisite jewellery for more than 27 years. Creating one-of-a-kind pieces as part of memorable and exclusive collections, Gerard McCabe jewellery is recognised for its distinctive signature style and commitment to quality.

The “live engraving” can be viewed from Monday, May 27 to Friday, June 7 from 10am to 3pm In the middle of Adelaide Arcade.

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