Adelaide Artist Ramps Up Christmas Joy With $5K Giveaway!

Adelaide Artist Ramps Up Christmas Joy With $5K Giveaway!

Renowned Adelaide artist Mark Lobert is spreading the love just in time for Christmas with a HUGE art giveaway.


Renowned Port Adelaide based artist Mark Lobert is spreading the love just in time for Christmas by giving three lucky winners the chance to WIN 1 of 3 of these stunning masterpieces.

Lobert’s studio is a world of colour inspired by Mark’s friends and the energy he draws from Adelaide, and takes around the world. His work is certainly inspired by what he sees around him, though not in a realist sense. His abstract work is based upon flowers, colours, city scapes, but most importantly people.

Floating On Water, RRP $3390

“I absorb and adapt the world around me, and I love the energy and vibe of people. I have friends around when I’m painting because I love the atmosphere. It makes me more productive. People around me feed into my work. I don’t smoke, drink that often or do drugs. My kick comes from listening to people, from movies, the whole breadth of human experience that is around me,” he explains.

Lucky Day, RRP $1490
Fruity Tingles, RRP $790

And it’s a vibrant world that he reflects. For Mark, everything that he paints is about sharing joy. He tells his stories through colour as much as imagery. And Adelaide would know his story as he’s spent the last 8 years adorning the walls of the Adelaide Airport, in a partnership which ended just six weeks ago. Having such a trafficked space has helped informed Mark’s natural artistic evolution over recent years. “I always consider other peoples feelings when I paint. When you’re exhibiting in a public arena you’ve got to go for the whole generic spectrum, so to speak; you have to target every audience. You don’t want to offend you want to affect, to lift people coming home, to make them happy for whatever day they’re having. Seeing these works is supposed to be a positive experience.”

The Mark Lobert Gallery is located in the historic Port Adelaide bank building at 111a Lipson Street, Port Adelaide.

For your chance to WIN one of these pieces, simply head to the Mark Lobert Gallery Facebook page! Good luck – may the odds be ever in your favour!

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