Adelaide Artists Customise Vintage Denim For Local Business

Adelaide Artists Customise Vintage Denim For Local Business

A collaboration between local small business Fanny Adams Vintage and Adelaide artists results in one of a kind wearable art.


Five local Adelaide artists have been rallied together by Tiphany Wheatley-Dawson of Fanny Adams Vintage to customise vintage Levi’s denim jackets. The project aims to help promote and raise awareness of local artists while also elevating Fanny Adams Vintage from ‘not just an awesome vintage store but also an ambassador of local art’, says Tiphany. The first run of this project includes artists Wendy Dixon-Whiley, Bianca ‘The Holey Artist’ Werneburg, Nathan Finch, Cooper Pinch and Adam ‘Tarns’ Poole-Mottishaw.

Launched in 2014, Fanny Adams Vintage  or ‘f.A.’s’ is an online vintage trader specialising in 80’s and 90’s clothing and celebrating all things pop culture. This new project brings together the  director Tiphany’s love of vintage clothing and the visual arts as well as a strong desire to help nurture the mentality of ‘slow fashion’.

The move towards ‘slow fashion’ incorporates the philosophy of buying less but buying of a higher quality, as well as buying second hand whenever possible. It denotes a move away from ‘fast fashion’ mentality as consumers become more aware of the social and environmental impact of  their choices.

The aware shopper is keen to make a more ethically and environmentally sustainable choice. Many are also tired of the clone syndrome of ‘high street’ shopping and are looking for ways to stand out from the crowd and express their individuality.

Fanny Adams took this philosophy one step further by assuring these customised vintage jackets are truely the only ones of their kind in the world!

Each artist on the project was given complete artistic control over what they wanted to create. The only stipulation being that they don’t reproduce the exact same work anywhere else.

The result is stunning original wearable art work, from a sustainable, environmentally friendly source. Tiphany hopes the project is well received as she wishes to grow the collection, bringing on board more artists and hopefully new works from the original group as well.

The first five jackets are now available for purchase via Fanny Adams Vintage.

For market appearances and project up dates, keep an eye on Fanny Adams on Facebook and on Instagram @fannyadamsvintage

For artist interviews and more things f.A.’s, check out Fanny Adams blog.

Jacket by Nathan Finch for Fanny Adams Vintage

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