Adelaide aviatrix breaks new ground as Jetstar’s youngest female captain

Adelaide’s Micheala Ripa has become Jetstar’s youngest female Captain in command of an A320 aircraft.

Images: Jetstar

At just 28 years old, Adelaide’s very own Micheala Ripa has achieved a remarkable milestone in aviation by becoming Jetstar’s youngest female Captain.

With her new command of an A320 aircraft, Micheala Ripa is soaring to new heights and inspiring aspiring aviators along the way.

Ripa, who hails from an aviation-loving family, has had her heart set on a career in the pilot’s seat since a young age. Her parents, both helicopter pilots, instilled a love for flying in her from the start. She reminisces about her lifelong dream, saying, “to be 28-years-old and a Captain at Jetstar is more than I could ever had dreamed of.”

Joining Jetstar in 2016 as a First Officer, Ripa embarked on a journey that would eventually see her rise through the ranks and take command of one of the airline’s A320 aircraft.

What makes Ripa’s story even more special is her connection with her partner, Pablo, who is also a First Officer with Jetstar. The couple’s aviation journey began when they met at flight training school, and now they both share the skies as professionals.

Micheala Ripa’s achievement as Jetstar’s youngest female Captain serves as a powerful example and a source of inspiration for aspiring aviators, especially young girls with dreams of flying.

She acknowledges the importance of being a role model, saying, “I love when little girls show interest when I say goodbye to them on a flight and I always offer for them to come into the flight deck and have a look and spark that little bit of inspiration.” 

Ripa emphasises that being a pilot is not limited by age, gender, or background. She believes that anyone can achieve their dreams with enough determination and self-awareness.

“Being a female pilot is good to set an example that it doesn’t matter who you are, doesn’t matter what your age is, your gender, where you’ve come from. If you have enough determination and self-awareness on what you need to improve on all the time, then you can achieve anything,” Ripa affirms.

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