Adelaide Blog Amongst Top 30 Home And Wellbeing Blogs in Aus!

Local Adelaide Blog, Recycled Interiors, wins a place in the Voices of 2015 top 30 Home and Wellbeing Blogs in Australia.

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Local Adelaide blogger Helen Edwards, has been announced in the top 30 Home and Wellbeing blogs in Australia for her blog Recycled Interiors. Sponsored by Ford, Voices of 2015 is Kidspot’s celebration of Australian online creativity and highlights the best

Helen online talent, whether they’re publishing on a blog, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram.

The program shares Australia’s best writers, photographers and video makers, publishing their work on site and giving them a chance to be in the running for fantastic awards and a stack of amazing prizes. This year, Voices of 2015 unveils #ShareAustralia, a unique view of our country from those who know and document it best … bloggers!

Recycled Interiors, written by Helen, a blogger and consultant in interiors, social media and wellbeing, is all about helping you have a happy healthy home, business and lifestyle. It is your go-to resource for being sustainable, healthy and happy at home. Starting in April 2013, it has fast become one of Australia’s most popular blogs with a following on social media of over 70,000 people and around 2000 daily visitors to the blog.

Helen says she has lived with very dark times in her life including diagnosis of type 1 diabetes at age 12, major depression, panic attacks and anxiety, and has overcome all of these to have a very successful and happy life. She has worked in wellbeing and health for over 28 years and weaves the lessons she has learned in her personal and professional life, through her blogging and consulting work.

The founder of an online counselling service and blog, Diabetes Counselling Online, and blogging since 2001 before social media even existed, Helen has been a counsellor for 28 years, a diabetes educator for 15 years, and is half way through her PhD. In 2014 she published a picture book for children, “Diabetes Can’t Stop Me”, an e book helping people to manage diabetes burnout, and 2 diabetes Apps.

At Recycled Interiors Helen writes about sustainable decorating and design, DIY and upcycling ideas, as well as healthy lifestyle and wellbeing tips and inspiration.

“I am passionate about living a life that leaves this beautiful planet in a state that allows future generations and other creatures we share the world with, to live long and well and believe a home you that works for you and creates a little magic in your life is so very important. I am also passionate about your health and wellbeing and believe these things can not be separated” says Helen.

Recently launching her Social Media 4 Good consultancy via the blog, Helen is starting a series of unique workshops combining her blogging and social media expertise with her many years of counselling, in Adelaide on 4th August at the recently opened Brick+Mortar Creative – Heartfelt and Mindful Business and Social Media. The Workshop topics will include mindfulness and the power of mindful business, tapping into your values and making them part of your business plan, planning for problems and dilemmas and creating a vision, making commitments and taking action. As well as, how to set your social media and business goals/objectives, what you want to achieve with social media, aligning your social media objectives with your overall company vision, mission and marketing strategy, a basic audit of your current social media status and some ways to create or improve your social media profiles, how to start to develop your content strategy and ideas for making social media less tedious and understanding use of analytics to track progress and adjust your strategy as needed. The workshop aims to help you understand and navigate social media and make it work for you; and develop the best strategy for your heartfelt and mindful business.

Kidspot will be announcing the top 3 in each category soon. You can follow Recycled Interiors and book for the workshops at and follow the voices of 2015 at 

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