Adelaide Central Market Redesign Team Appointed

There are long terms plans being put in place for a redesign of the Adelaide Central Markets, and the team in charge has been announced. No pressure.


Recently we took a sneak peak at the proposed (and long overdue) redevelopment for Chinatown Plaza, home of the $6 plate. Of course, that’s not the only new development coming to the Gouger Street area. In fact, like most of our city right now, there are big plans afoot.

And the team who will be in charge of the mammoth job of reworking the Central Market, Adelaide’s crown produce jewel have just been announced. The master plan is now in the hands of Hames Sharley in association with Jensen Planning + Design. But it’s not solid yet. This project will still be considered by Council’s elected members in late 2016.

Regardless, Lord Mayor Martin Haese said the opportunity to redevelop the Central Market Arcade is a once in a lifetime chance to leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

“The Central Market Arcade presents a wonderful opportunity to drive major change in the very heart of the Market District, to capitalise on the area adjacent the Adelaide Central Market and celebrate our Central Market’s unique and important place in the hearts of all South Australians,” said Martin.

“It’s important we get this right, and the appointment of the collaborative team of Hames Sharley and Jensen Planning + Design, following a national search and rigorous tender process, will be the first step towards a project which will ultimately benefit city visitors, residents and businesses.”

The design team will build on the extensive community engagement that was undertaken for ‘Our Market District’ which incorporated the ideas gathered from more than 500 people through Council’s Picture Adelaide project, meetings with landowners, traders, public workshops and an ongoing Market District Reference Group with representatives from Council, traders and State Government.

Hames Sharley in association with Jensen Planning + Design has formed a multi-disciplinary team with significant experience in retail and mixed-use master planning. The team is already thinking about the possibilities presented through this unique space, which is unlikely to incorporate water slides or anything quite of the sort, but you know, we can dream of sliding past and picking up some cheese and crackers, can’t we?

“We look forward to working with Council, The Central Market Authority and key stakeholders on the master planning process. The opportunity to make an impact and plan for a wonderful centrepiece adjacent the iconic Central Market,” said Caillin Howard, Managing Director of Hames Sharley.

Michael McKeown, Director of Jensen Planning + Design said his team is already starting to think about the possibilities of the space and its location.

“The Arcade was last redeveloped in the late 1960s. For this team it’s a once in a life time opportunity to shape the future of this landmark site,” said Michael.

Council expects to commence work on the Arcade site by 2020 and the project will drive major change within this important part of the City. Go forth and do your best folks. We can’t wait to see the results.

In the mean time, the Central Markets have plenty coming up. Follow their events on Facebook.

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