Adelaide Central Markets unveils two new murals

The murals are now completed for the community to experience and enjoy, both encapsulating the vibrancy and life of the Markets in their designs.

Image credit: Adelaide Central Markets

Two new murals are making their way to the Adelaide Central Markets, after Lucinda Penn and creative supergroup Jade Harland, Tiff Rysdale and Ryan Turner brought life to the walls at both the Grote Street and Gouger Street entrances of the bustling city location.

Both murals are now completed for the community to experience and enjoy, with Lucinda’s mural – ‘I Think of the Colours of the Market’ located at the Gouger Street entrance and Creative Supergroup’s mural – ‘Market daydream’ located at the Grote Street entrance.

Designing a mural for the city location is no easy feat, with a rare competition held earlier this year to find an artist collective to capture the essence of the Central Markets in an art piece.

The creative trio – Jade, Tiff and Ryan – brought the vibrancy of the Markets to life on the Grote Street entrance.

The team have previously collaborated on work in retail settings, bringing together Ryan’s background of illustration and design with Tiff and Jade’s visual art skills. Their work seeks to capture the spirit and cultural heritage of its location.

Designing a mural for the Adelaide Central Market was an exciting opportunity for the team. From the gorgeous aromas of fresh produce and paella cooking to the vivid colours of local fruit and veg. Australian flora blooming at the flower stands, fresh fish wrapped in newspaper and the welcoming faces of the passionate people working behind the stalls. Their aim was to depict the many facets of this bustling centre.

When reflecting on her Gouger Street mural, artist Lucinda Penn says her design pays homage to her early childhood memories connected to the Adelaide Central Markets.

“I think of my dad journeying from the hills to the markets just to buy the freshest organic veggies. I think of holding my younger sister’s hand, guiding her around the buzzing, packed maze on a busy Friday night with my family,” says Lucinda.

“I think of my partner’s Saturday morning after tennis laksa ritual with his dad growing up. I think of the colours of the markets. The bright veggies poking out of perfectly organised rows in every corner…the list goes on.”

Lucinda says she has encapsulated the diverse multicultural essence of the Markets in her design, aptly titled I Think of the Colours of the Market.

“I have captured this multicultural rainbow in my design. It celebrates the energy of our diverse Adelaide Central Market with imagery that directly represents it as one of the largest traditional undercover produce markets left in the Southern Hemisphere.”

“My design is unique to other murals in the area and will become synonymous with the markets as a direct reflection of not only what’s on offer but the bustling, bright and lively atmosphere we love”.

Find the Adelaide Central Market online here.

Find the Adelaide Central Market at 44 – 60 Gouger Street, Adelaide. 

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