Adelaide Chef Ragini Dey To Open New Restaurant

Ragini Dey is opening another restaurant on Hutt St which focuses on her popular creation the naancho!


The naancho was an invention of Adelaide chef Ragini Dey, which first debuted at Tasting Australia three years ago, and has been a hit ever since. So much so, that she is now opening a naancho inspired restaurant on Hutt Street in just a few weeks, called Naancho Naancho Man.

Created four years ago, the naancho has been so popular that over 100,000 people Aussies have now tried them.

What are naanchos you ask? A spin on the classic curry and naan combo found on most Indian restaurant menus. Naanchos are the modern day version – crispy fried naan bread served with spiced meat or vegetables, topped with tomato and fenugreek sauce and ‘torched’ cheese.

Not only will the popular naanchos be on offer on the menu, but there will also be clay-cooked chicken tikka, braised lentils and spinach as well as soft roti tacos, just to name a few.

Spinach Pams are just one of the menu items we can expect from Naancho Naancho Man.

Ragini already owns Ragi’s Spicery, her restaurant and spice shop two doors down. Naancho Naancho Man, however, will be more casual and focused on fast quick in and out dishes.

Naancho Naancho Man is set in a suburban alleyway on Hutt Street, surrounded by brick, graffiti, and windows and doors from their neighbours. Sounds cool, huh?

The kitchen is also set at the front of the restaurant, so you can watch all the creations whipped up before your eyes. The dining area has a bar, round pine tables and comfortable booths, which is a total selling point, because comfort food is best enjoyed in a comfortable setting.

Naancho Naancho Man opens on May 16 and can be found at 3/210 Hutt Street, Adelaide 5000.

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