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Adelaide Festival Review: Supernature

A long time in the making, Supernature is art in motion.

Moving art; this show is an experience exploring the relationship between humans and nature

Presented by Australian Dance Theatre
Reviewed 12 March 2021

A long time in the making, Supernature is art in motion. All aspects of the production have been considered, giving the audience a full experience. Music, lighting, design, and costume have been refined to evolve and enhance the movement.

A cast of nine strong dancers work effortlessly to move with and around each other creating dynamic shapes and beautiful lines. Working soundly as a group the dancers stay in sync, whether dancing as a unit or during beautifully detailed individual moments. It is hard to fault their performance which ebbs and flows like a heartbeat slowing at rest and quickening with speed.

It is immediately apparent that Artistic Director, and Choreographer, Garry Stewart, works across multiple mediums. This piece of dance theatre is both a visual and audio delight. Supernature is an integral piece of Stewart’s works The Nature Series, which includes a short film, virtual reality, and photographic series. Stewart’s choreography emphasises human connection to nature, by using shapes, music, and lighting to engage an emotional response.

Lighting, by Damien Cooper, has a significant role in the production using shadows, colours, and flashes to match the intensity of the movement on stage. Fabrics, structures, and other materials have been incorporated in the design, by Wendy Todd, seamlessly enhancing the overall image and meaning. The music, by Brendan Woithe, is unique incorporating different natural and unnatural sounds to build on the atmosphere.

The way this production is presents a complex idea of humans and nature allows for individual interpretation. It encourages the viewer to question how humans interact with nature through the intricately created atmosphere, and whether it is sustainable or harmful. While the piece can seem unusual, abstract, and at times confronting, the unique, creative, and innovative style of Supernature leaves a lasting impact.

Reviewed by Ashleigh Rathjen

Venue:  Her Majesty’s Theatre
Season:  March 12-14
Duration:  1hr 15mins
Tickets:  $44 – $79

Rating out of 5: 4 stars



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