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photo of a scene from the short film oddlands

Adelaide Film Festival: Oddlands

A night of exceptional shorts, made through the Adelaide Film Festival Hive Lab.



Adelaide’s now annual film festival, is alive and swinging. This year sees a wealth of fascinating and varied work. Alongside the standard fiction or documentary feature are 3D forms, mixed media and some incredible shorts.

Adelaide Film Festival’s Hive Lab brings artists of all kinds, together with film makers. This year, two of the films that were spawned from from last festival’s Hive Lab are being shown in a special evening of shorts. One of those films is Oddlands.

Set in a post-apocalyptic dystopia, this began life as a theatre piece from Back to Back Theatre. At the helm of B2B for the last nearly two decades is renowned Australian performance-maker, Bruce Gladwin, who has directed this 30 minute short film. B2B is a diverse, inclusive theatre company, and it will be exciting to see how  the company has translated this piece from stage to screen. Gladwin and actors Simon Laherty and Sonia Teuben will attend the premiere here in Adelaide.

Also screening on the same program is Remembering Agatha, another Hive Lab production  and Brumley’s Suitcase, which follows three songwriters from Adelaide to Austin, Texas, as they participate in a workshop to finish some of the unfinished songs of Albert E. Brumley. Taasha Coates spoke to Glam about this experience last year.

This looks like a night of incredible art-making: three films which deserve support, and will no doubt garner great applause.

Tuesday October 9th 6.45 pm

GU Film House Hindley Street.

Tickets available at this link.



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