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Adelaide Film Festival presents Miniambra

From the creative minds of two Adelaide-based, Colombian artists comes Miniambra, a locally produced animated web series and accompanying graphic novel.


miniambraFrom the creative minds of two Adelaide-based, Colombian artists comes Miniambra, a locally produced animated web series and accompanying graphic novel.

Produced through the Media Resource Centre – in partnership with the Adelaide Film Festival and You Tube – Miniambra premieres Sunday 13th October at the Mercury Cinema.

Director Ana María Méndez Salgado and producer Carlos Manrique Clavijo explore themes of personal identity, adventure and isolation in their trans-media project, which has been described as “audiovisual micro-poetry”.

Highlighting exquisite design and animation, Miniambra is a girl who finds herself in a strange and hostile, yet beautiful world. The idea originated when Ana discovered her in a blue ink stain amongst her artwork.

“The stain looked like a girl, a thin girl with a big, weak, hanging hat. I remember that I was mesmerised by her and the fact that it felt like she was in need of a story. The idea of giving life to this accidental being was so important, that for days I couldn’t stop imagining her past, her destiny, her quest”.

Producer Carlos describes Miniambra, “…as a multi-layered reflection on what identity means to those who feel like strangers (wherever they are) and an invitation to renew our capacity for wonder. Amongst other things, Miniambra discovers that ‘belonging’ doesn’t mean ‘being identical’ and teaches how to value that which makes us different.”

Both hailing from Bogotá, Colombia, Ana and Carlos have lived in Adelaide for almost seven years. After studying a graduate diploma in Visual Arts (illustration) at UniSA, Ana received the Ashington Mentorship from the Helpmann Academy to help further her career with Australian artists. Ana and Carlos – leading a very small group of local animators, illustrators, musicians and sound designers – received funding and support from Adelaide’s Media Resource Centre, through its inaugural Let’s Make Web TV! web series initiative.

“There are always so many new and exciting things to discover but real learning can’t fully develop if ideas, questions and knowledge aren’t shared. That’s why we’re delighted to invite guest creatives to each episode, as a core element of our ethos,” said Carlos, who is also a lecturer at the Film & TV Department, Adelaide College of the Arts.

The team has plans to continue securing funding to develop their animation concept into a series of 1-2 minutes animated mini-episodes. A crowd-funding campaign to raise money for upcoming chapters will launch later in the year.

Miniambra premieres immediately after the Adelaide Film Festival’s Web TV! Forum at the Mercury Cinema, Sunday 13 October at 4:30pm, along with the other commissioned Web TV! pilots. It can also be viewed as part of AFF’s Little Miss Crossover event at the Festival Club.

Admission is FREE to both events.



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