Adelaide Fringe 2013 Award Winners

Fringe AwardsLast night, Sunday 16 March, the 2013 Fringe Awards were awarded to the best shows, artists and venues at this year’s Adelaide Fringe.

80 arts industry judges spent the past 4 weeks seeing hundreds of Fringe shows from all genres and visiting over a hundred art exhibitions.

Adelaide Fringe Director Greg Clarke congratulated all of the winners and nominees saying that the plethora of amazing shows this year had made all of the judge’s jobs incredibly difficult.

Mr. Clarke said “This year’s Adelaide Fringe saw a wealth of talent unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before, from both returning Fringe artists and those performing and exhibiting in the Fringe for the first time, there were so many worthy winners.”

The coveted BankSA Pick of the Fringe Award ended up being given to two circus productions, Circolombia and Limbo.

“We really want to thank all those who contribute to the prizes given as part of the awards, particularly to BankSA who contribute so much and to Underbelly who make it possible for one show to go over to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe,” Mr. Clarke said.

Artists receive cash prizes totaling $25,000 thanks to the generous support of Principal Partner BankSA, Adelaide Fringe, Underbelly, Erin Svigos Award, Adelaide Festival Centre and the Melbourne Fringe.


BankSA Pick of the Fringe Award
Circolombia – Arts Projects Australia

BankSA Pick of the Fringe Award
Limbo – Strut & Fret, Underbelly Productions and Southbank Centre

BankSA TalkFringe Award
3 – MindBlown Productions

BankSA Best Cabaret
Tommy Bradson – Sweet Sixteen or The Birthday
Party Massacre – Better Bradley Productions

BankSA Best Circus & Physical Theatre
Fright or Flight – The Birdcage and 3 is a Crowd

BankSA Best Comedy
Kitty Flanagan – Hello Kitty Flanagan – A-List Entertainment

BankSA Best Comedy – Emerging
Wolf Creek: The Musical – SPUR

BankSA Best Dance
Life in Miniature – Anything Is Valid Dance Theatre

BankSA Best Music
Idea of North – The Idea of North

BankSA Best Theatre Performer
Lucy Hopkins – Le Foulard

BankSA Best Theatre Production
The Book of Loco – Alirio Zavarce & Sasha Zahra in association with Loose Canon Art Services

BankSA Best Presentation for Children
Squaring the Wheel – Jens Altheimer

BankSA Best Visual Art & Design
TAR – Tony Kearney

BankSA Best Venue
Birdwood Exhibition Centre

Adelaide Festival Centre inSPACE:development Award
The Book of Loco – Alirio Zavarce & Sasha Zahra in association with Loose Canon Art Services

Eran Svigos Award for Best Visual Art
Jess Dare – The Nature of Memory

Underbelly Edinburgh Award
Breaker – Solid Svid Theatre Company

Tour Ready Award – supported by Melbourne Fringe
Homage to Uncertainty – Emma Beech

John Chattaway Innovation Award
Leo – Arts Projects Australia

The Adelaide Critics Circle Best in Fringe Award
Glory Dazed – Holden Street Theatre Co Inc. & Second Shot Productions

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