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Adelaide Fringe unveils 2024 program with dazzling 1300 shows

The festival, known for its eclectic mix of comedy, theatre, circus, cabaret, visual art, music, and interactive experiences, promises to be a kaleidoscope of talent and creativity.

Image Credit: Jordan Gollan

Adelaide’s festive atmosphere is about to reach new heights with the 2024 Adelaide Fringe, showcasing over 1,300 shows in a vibrant celebration of arts and culture.

The festival, known for its eclectic mix of comedy, theatre, circus, cabaret, visual art, music, and interactive experiences, promises to be a kaleidoscope of talent and creativity.

The festivities will commence with a cultural immersion through First Nations Cultural Tours at Adelaide Botanic Garden on Sunday, February 11, signifying the festival’s commitment to indigenous heritage. This year’s program marks a significant uptick in international participation, with 23% of the shows hailing from abroad, highlighting Adelaide Fringe’s growing global appeal.

Complementing this international presence, over half of the program comprises local South Australian talent, demonstrating the region’s artistic strength.

The festival will feature a robust lineup of First Nations performances, including renowned artists like Marlon Motlop and Frank Yamma, and the Aboriginal Comedy Allstars. These shows provide a vital platform for indigenous voices and stories.

Serving as ambassadors for 2024, Isaac Humphries and Adam Liaw bring their unique energy and enthusiasm to the festival. Humphries, a professional basketball player and cabaret singer, is thrilled to represent a festival that he has long admired. Similarly, TV personality and chef Adam Liaw shares his excitement for being part of a festival that “brings Adelaide alive like no other.”

Highlights of the program include ‘The Dome’, an immersive cinematic experience, ‘Natural Wonders’, an outdoor art gallery, and ‘SAGE 2024’, a video game developers’ event. Unique experiences like getting married in ‘The Inflatable Church’ and the Australian premiere of Japan’s ‘YOAH Circus’ are also on the cards.

Extending beyond the city center, 11% of the program activates regional areas, with events across various locations, bringing the magic of Fringe statewide. Metropolitan suburbs are not left out, with dedicated programs in venues like Marion Cultural Centre and The Parks Theatre.

New to the Fringe is ‘Poppin Out’ at the old Adelaide Gaol and other exciting venues like the Pink Flamingo in Festival Plaza and Infamous Circus in Ellis Park.

In collaboration with the Australian Performing Arts Market, Adelaide Fringe 2024 will also present ‘Leaps and Bounds’, focusing on circus and physical theatre, further enriching its industry connections.

2024 Fringe Ambassador Prinnie Stevens said, “I am over the moon to be an Adelaide Fringe Ambassador for 2024. As a performer, the Fringe Festival was my producer-debut. Since that day, my life has changed forever. I unlocked a talent and a passion for storytelling.

“Growing up in an industry where artists were told what to wear, how to sing, what to say and how to act. I had finally found a voice and a freedom that I owe to this festival! I’m so passionate about not only creating a safe space for myself, but to open that same door for others. I believe strongly that black and brown stories need to be told by black and brown people. Allowing them the voice and platform to share it,” said Stevens.

Adelaide Fringe Director and CEO Heather Croall said, “To say we are excited about the 2024 season is an understatement. In 2023 we sold a million tickets – a first for any arts festival in Australia. Next year’s program is looking spectacular and I hope we can reach this incredible milestone once again. We are gearing up for another bumper year, thanks to all the participants, the State Government, all our Festival Partners and donors.”

BankSA State General Manager, Consumer and Business, Enza Ferraro said “At BankSA, wew we are beyond proud to be supporting Adelaide Fringe as Principal Partner in 2024, a festival attended by one in every two South Aussies.”

“As Fringe kicks off we make it our absolute priority to champion Adelaide Fringe to everyone we can and encourage the community and tourists to South Australia to get out and support Fringe artists. In 2024 BankSA are making it as easy as possible for Fringe goers to navigate Fringe with the MyFringe Planner online, which makes sorting through the more than 1300 shows an absolute breeze.”

Minister for Arts, Andrea Michaels said, “It’s fantastic to welcome back Adelaide Fringe for 2024 with an exciting program packed full of new shows, events and experiences for South Australians and visitors to enjoy.

I can’t wait for us to do it all again in 2024 and maybe even set a new record!”

Minister for Tourism Zoe Bettison said, “The 2023 February and March festival season was one for the record books reaching $906 million in visitor spend. As we unveil the program for Adelaide Fringe 2024, we are reminded of the dynamic and diverse spirit that defines not just this great festival, but South Australia as a whole.

“We’ve already heard how this year’s festival season was a huge hit – with the Fringe having sold one million tickets for the first time and we are really looking forward to next year’s event. With more than 1300 shows, the program is set to captivate audiences and contribute significantly to our thriving tourism sector. We are proud to host Australia’s biggest arts festival right here in SA and invite everyone to immerse themselves in the extraordinary experiences that the Adelaide Fringe offers.”

For more info, and to see the full program, click here.

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