Adelaide haircare brand Davroe wins international award

Adelaide-based haircare brand Davroe has been honoured with the Best Sulphate Free Hair Wellness Products Collection 2024 Award from LUX Life Magazine.

Image credit: Davroe

Adelaide-based haircare brand Davroe has once again captured the spotlight in the global beauty industry, honoured with the Best Sulphate Free Hair Wellness Products Collection 2024 Award from UK magazine, LUX Life Magazine.

This prestigious award, part of LUX Life Magazine’s esteemed Health Beauty & Wellness Awards, showcases Davroe’s commitment to excellence and innovation in haircare.

Davroe stands out in haircare industry with its three core principles: natural ingredients that prioritise environmental sustainability, vegan-friendly formulations, and being proudly Australian-made and owned.

The brand’s recent success can be credited to its diverse range of products that aim to address different hair care needs. Davroe offers salon-grade, high-quality haircare solutions, available both through its official website and select haircare retailers.

The Best Sulphate Free Hair Wellness Products Collection 2024 Award is an outstanding award in the beauty industry landscape, as it recognises products that deliver exceptional results, while aligning with strong societal values.

Sulphates, commonly found in shampoos for their cleansing properties, can be harsh on the scalp and hair, making Davroe’s sulphate-free formulations not only innovative, but also gentle and effective.

Davroe’s awards extend beyond this recent honour. At the 2024 Movember Foundation event in New Zealand, Davroe was honoured 11 times at The Beard Awards, showcasing its position as a leader in men’s grooming. The brand’s products, including the award-winning Davroe Fusion Power of Three shampoo and Davroe Defining Paste, were celebrated across multiple categories, showcasing their versatility and quality.

Davroe’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in the haircare industry continues to gain international recognition, reaffirming its status as a preferred choice among consumers who prioritise both performance and ethical considerations in their haircare products.

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