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Adelaide Hills castle hosts Halloween wedding

Brianna and Jason Bates wanted their wedding to be a little different when they decided to hold it on Halloween at The Manor Basket Range.

All images: Ky Luu from B Captured

Brianna and Jason Bates wanted their wedding to be a little different when they decided to hold it on Halloween.

“I’ve always personally really loved anything to do with Halloween – spooky things and things that are a little different,” Brianna said.

“My now husband is really on board with that – he loves his Star Wars so we really bond over pop culture and those sorts of things.

“The Halloween wedding brings those two aspects together; our interests definitely align.”

The wedding had an elegant spookiness taking place at The Manor Basket Range which is an enchanted historic castle hidden away in the Adelaide Hills.

“The aim was going for a gothic fairy tale vibe,” Brianna said.

“A lot of the fit out was to mirror the Halloween vibe but we brought aspects of Beauty and the Beast in too.

“A lot of the music (DJed by Choons and Moovz) ties that in. We also did our vows from the Tim Burton film Corpses Bride.

“We just really wanted to make it a classy tasteful sort of Halloween – there was no skulls or anything like that. It was more so the pumpkin theme and dark and moody vibes.”

The space was decked out by Minty Mary Pea Events with black candle sticks, candleliers and candelabras along with chandeliers scattered through the rustic space. Meanwhile, Brianna’s mum organised the flowers and lots of the decorations.

The Mount Gambier couple chose The Manor Basket Range for their special day for a number of reasons. It was where Jason proposed to Brianna in November last year and it also mirrored the feel that the duo were wanting to bring for the special day.

“We loved the vibe and I love anything old. It doesn’t feel like Adelaide – it feels like a whole other world,” Brianna said.

“Getting ready on the day, it was unreal and it fit the gothic fairy tale theme perfectly.”

The couple drew their surname into the decorations, playing on the name Bates from the iconic thriller film Psycho. As guests were finding their seats, there were rustic keys that mirrored a hotel check in just like in the Bates Motel from the film.

While they did not plan for the food to specifically have a Halloween twist besides the striking black cake by Barby’s Creations, it ended up fitting this theme anyway.

“We ended up choosing a beetroot risotto and that came out all red – we didn’t do that on purpose, but it worked out really well,” Brianna said.

“Everyone says that they get stressed out on the lead up to the wedding and on the day they feel relaxed, and I definitely felt this,” Brianna said.

“Everything went really well – the weather was amazing it was a really beautiful day that just felt perfect.

“Everyone had the best time and they said they’ve never seen a wedding like it before.”

The Manor Basket Range is located at 762 Lobethal Rd, Basket Range.

To find out more about The Manor Basket Range, visit their website.

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