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Adelaide Hills Council unveils new eco-friendly burial site

Discover Adelaide Hills’ new natural burial ground, Martungka, offering a sustainable way to honour loved ones.

Picture credit: Adelaide Hills Council

Adelaide Hills Council has introduced Martungka, a dedicated natural burial ground, located within Kersbrook Cemetery, which will focus on environmentally friendly burial practices.

Unlike traditional burial methods that involve embalming fluids and non-biodegradable materials, natural burials utilise biodegradable materials. This practice ensures that all materials buried will decompose naturally, returning to the earth without leaving harmful residues.

The initiative offers locals a method to honour their loved ones that aligns with sustainable principles.

“Natural burial grounds are rare and precious, and this initiative marks a significant step forward in our commitment to sustainable practices and reducing our ecological footprint,” Mayor Jan-Claire Wisdom said.

This environmentally-conscious burial ground reflects the Council’s dedication to sustainability and respect for natural life cycles.

In line with this philosophy, the name Martungka was chosen for the site, which translates to ‘In Remembrance’ in the Kaurna language. This decision aligns with the Council’s Reconciliation Aboriginal Place Naming Action Plan, further showing commitment to cultural sensitivity and respect for indigenous heritage.

The concept of Martungka encompasses more than just being a burial site; it is intended as a peaceful sanctuary that promotes remembrance and harmony with nature.

This significant project was first endorsed by the Council back in June 2022. The establishment of Martungka came at a cost of $25,925, funded as part of the Council’s commitment to meeting community needs and environmental responsibilities.

Councillor Malcolm Herrmann, staff and guests will officially open Martungka, a natural burial ground within the Kersbrook Cemetery on Tuesday 28 May at 11:30am.

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