Adelaide Indie-Punk Stars Release Latest Album

Adelaide original duo Ben and Alex launch their sophomore album, Mess, into the indie punk sphere. 

Local indie-punk treasures The Hard Aches have just launched their sophomore album, Mess, into the sphere, and it’s already making waves.

Collaborating with Holes & Corners studio and seminal Melbourne producer Sam Johnson, Ben and Alex (the band) have cited a strong resonance with Johnson after hearing his previous work with bands Camp Code, The Smith Street Band and The Bennies.

Three weeks of late nights and the Hard Aches and the team produced 12 new tracks surrounding themes of mental health, but Ben David makes sure to point that it is “written with a focus on mental health in a hopeful and positive light.”

The songs have been mastered by award-winning engineer, William Bowden, who left his mark of technical expertise on the record.

The duo attributes their inspiration for the songs to the people around them and their shared experiences over the years they have been making music. Ben believes this to be “sonically (and creatively) the best representation of us as a band, the album we’ve been working towards creating through years of touring and making music.”

The tracks have had a resonance with fans all around the world and the duo can now count Billy Ray Cyrus as one after he tweeted his support for the band.

Artists who have featured on the album include Georgia Maq from Camp Cope, The Bennies’ Craig Selak, and Long Island’s Jeff Rosenstock.

Mess is out now via Anchorhead.

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