Adelaide Instagram Queen Takes Home Styling To A New Level

You may have come across her Instagram account… flawlessly styled flatlays, delicious food shots and, of course, lots of coffee. Sarah Shanahan gives her 11.6 thousand followers something to enjoy every day. But, who is Sarah?

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You may have come across her Instagram account… flawlessly styled flatlays, delicious food shots and, of course, lots of coffee. Sarah Shanahan gives her 11.6 thousand followers something to enjoy every day. But, who is Sarah? Well this Adelaide-based Professional Organiser, Interiors and Food Stylist, and founder of ‘Sarah’s House Shopping Tours’ is obviously (just look at that list of titles) more than just her Instagram account.

Glam Adelaide sat down with this woman of many talents to find out more…

Professional Organiser – it isn’t an occupation you hear of often, how did you find yourself in that field?

Growing up in a big family of seven and sharing a room with my four sisters, I always craved my own space and order. After helping friends and family get organised for years and then one afternoon seeing my first real ‘Professional Organiser’ on Oprah, I had my very own ‘ah ha’ moment! I didn’t know there was a career to be had in organising peoples homes until I saw Peter Walsh that day. I immediately did my research and began my business ‘Sarah’s House’ and have since loved every minute of helping people get their homes organised. Thank you Oprah!

What is your background? Where did you start before you discovered professional organising?

I actually have a teaching degree but then I had kids straight away!

You wear a lot of hats – explain that beautiful blend of jobs.

I love a stylish, organised home and I adore all things homewares and design, my business lets me enjoy all of these areas, combining organising, styling and shopping. A perfect mix!

You have somewhat of a cult following on Instagram, 11.6k followers, that is impressive! How have you found the world of social media has impacted your life?

Joining the world of social media to build my business I soon found that Instagram was my ‘thing’. I love creating calm, organised photos to inspire my followers. A new love for food and interior styling soon developed and from there my followers have inspired me to pursue a career in style, organisation and design.

What got you into Instagram? How long have you been using it?

I actually started using Instagram to keep a track of my kids and what they were up to, and discovered that I loved using it as a creative outlet. I started with taking photos of food and it sort of progressed from there. I have been using it for about three years and I can’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

Can you give us a very quick insight into how you go about styling a shoot for Instagram?

Well I have always loved food and styling and have always trawled through the magazines admiring their work. I have two big baskets full of props and when I have a look in mind for a photo, I go to my trusty baskets and grab what I need to perfect the shot! It is always so much fun, I love playing around and getting the look just the way I want.

We love the idea of a shopping tour to find the perfect items for your house, and considering you have such great taste, you seem the perfect person for this job. How did the idea to start these tours come about?

I actually went on a similar tour in Melbourne and realised that nothing like that was available in Adelaide. Then, when I started my Instagram account I would often get asked where I sourced products from and it sparked an idea to run organised, curated shopping tours of Adelaide’s most stylish stores. That way they can see what’s available to them, all from the comfort of a bus in a fun day out! I love showcasing what Adelaide has to offer in terms of interior styling and I love helping them choose pieces for their homes, or at least inspire them to what they can aspire to in their homes.

Are you finding that people are getting traction?

Absolutely! My next three tours are booked out. So that means I am actually booked out until October, which is really great because it shows that people are responding well to the tours and the word is getting out there!

You are a mother of four, how do you find this influences how you help your clients?

When you have kids, I know how hard it can be keeping our homes clutter free and organised. I enjoy creating beautiful order from chaos in my own home and I love to show clients how they can do that in their own homes. Getting hands on and dirty organising people’s cupboards, wardrobes and drawers is always fun for me! I am a big believer in having in our homes only what we need, use and love, the rest can go!

We are excited to have you as a regular Glam Adelaide contributor, what can our readers expect from you?

I am looking forward to contributing to Glam Adelaide and keeping readers up to date with the current trends and forecasts in the world of interior design, showcasing Adelaide’s most fabulous stores and providing helpful advice for you and your homes.

Find out more about Sarah on her website: http://sarahshouse.com.au/about/ or follow her on Instagram to see all her beautiful posts @sarahshanahan_lifestyle

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